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Discover UPC Mail

We've packed our webmail with cool features like these...

  • Claim up to 5 email addresses per account - with 5GB storage each

  • Import contacts from another account - and even your calendars

  • Keep secure - with our automatic virus scan and spam filter

  • Send and share large files - of up to 20 MB, or use the integrated drive function to send larger attachments

  • Document viewer- view documents with the integrated viewer without having to download them

  • Easily import external accounts - such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Registering and Setting up your UPC Mail correctly - Here's how:

Find out how to create a UPC Mail account step by step.


Frequently asked questions

Manage your e-mails, calendars, accounts and contacts with UPC Mail

Using our UPC Mail couldn’t be easier: simply access your account via your mobile devices, e.g. your smartphone or tablet. 

Additional new features:

  • Improved security features (SSL)
  • Faster e-mail search
  • Cloud storage drive (1 GB) for storing and sharing files and sending large attachments
  • Integration of external calendars (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) and social networks (e.g. Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Thanks to the document viewer, attachments such as documents and images can be viewed directly, without opening

Attaching a file to a message

At the top left of the window in which you compile a new e-mail you will find the option «Attach File». Choose a file from your computer. The file is now attached to your e-mail and will be sent with your message.

You also have the option of attaching files to your message from your personal cloud storage drive or using drag and drop from your computer. And if you happen to change your mind, you can of course delete the attachments using the «Remove Files» option. 

Send e-mails of up to 20 MB. Larger attachments (up to 300 MB) can be sent using a link to your cloud storage (Drive).

Retrieving messages from other e-mail accounts

Import your external e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail. 

If you have e-mail accounts on other Mail servers, these can be imported in a few easy steps. Simply click on the menu item «Mail» and select «Add E-mail Account» on the left-hand side under Inbox. Then follow the instructions.

What's new in UPC Mail?

We are continually working on improvements and new functions for UPC Mail Service Center.

  • Easy and quicker to open and manage additional e-mail accounts
  • Password recovery now possible with a PIN send thru e-mail or SMS
  • Simplified password change function, change the password in only a few steps
  • See the main account and additional active accounts in a simple overview