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Join the Wi-Free revolution

When you become a UPC internet customer, you'll get access to two networks: a private network for your home, and your Wi-Free network.

After you join Wi-Free, you can hook up to free Wi-Fi hotspots around Switzerland. The performance of your private network is unaffected, but if you don't want to take part, no problem - simply don't activate Wi Free.

Surf free of charge with Wi-Free in over 500,000 locations

Just some of the benefits of Wi-Free

1. Easy set-up - get up and running in seconds

2. Never run out of mobile data - just connect to the nearest hotspot

3. Always free - avoid nasty roaming charges on your bill


Wi-Free goes even further with the Connect App

Our Connect App is where you can edit your Wi-Free profile, see available hotspots, and connect. 


View Wi-Free coverage in Switzerland

View Wi-Free coverage abroad

Coverage in Europe

Thanks to the international Wi-Free concept, you can also surf the Internet for free at millions of locations abroad and by doing so save roaming costs in a simple way. The network name may differ from “UPC Wi-Free”, depending on the country you are visiting. Your user name and password for logging in are the same as in Switzerland, however. Look on the map to see where Wi-Free is already available and follow the steps to connect with Wi-Free.

Country Network name
Switzerland UPC Wi-Free
Germany Unitymedia WifiSpot
Austria UPC Wi-Free
Netherlands Ziggo
Ireland Horizon Wi-Free
Slovakia UPC Wi-Free
Hungary, Poland, Romania UPC Wi-Free
Czech Republic UPC Wi-Free
UPC Wi-Free
UPC Wi-Free

Step 1 – Make a note of the network

Look for the country in which you wish to use Wi-Free in the table and make a note of the network name. Please note: if you were able to connect successfully with Wi-Free in Switzerland, you will be connected automatically in Hungary, Poland and Romania and do not need to configure anything.

Step 2 – Search for network

As soon as you have arrived in the destination country, search for the corresponding Wi-Free network name.

Step 3 – Login

If you have found the network, log in with your My UPC username and Wi-Free password, just like you did in Switzerland.

Step 4 – Connect

After connecting successfully with Wi-Free in the destination country, you will be connected automatically whenever Wi-Free is available.


Frequently asked questions

Will Wi-Free affect my private network's performance?

No. Your private network remains full speed. The additional Internet performance required for Wi-Free is provided by UPC.

How can I activate Wi-Free?

Follow these three steps:

Set your password by logging in to your My UPC account
Search for a Wi-Free hotspot
Connect your device, and off you go!

Who can use Wi-Free?

Anyone with a Wi-Free password can access Wi-Free at any hotspot.

Which devices can I use Wi-Free on?

Any devices with a WLAN receiver - iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs.

How to connect to Wi-Free?

In principle, you can use all devices with a WLAN receiver to connect to Wi-Free (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs).

Wi-Free connections are available throughout the UPC network. Local availability depends on whether you are at a Wi-Free hotspot. Please note: it is not possible to connect to Wi-Free on your own WLAN Modem


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