How fast do you surf?

Measure your Internet speed

Speedtest - how it works

For the speedtest we are liasing with cnlab.

Your advantages:

Receive reliable results, even for bit rates of up to 1 Gbit/s

Create your own series of measurements

Create your own statistics with your measured speeds

Available for Windows and MacOSX


Speedtest – how it works

1. Ready

Close all other programmes and browser tabs. Make sure that JavaScript has been activated for your browser.

2. Steady

If you use wireless please make sure that no other users are simultaneously using the Internet connection.

3. Go

You generally obtain quicker test results if you use a network cable instead of WLAN to connect your computer to the Internet.


We offer the Speedtest in collaboration with our partner cnlab. The test is based on Javascript. The accuracy of the results depends on several factors like the performance of your browser. For connections superior to 100 Mbit/s we recommend to use the Speedtest app of cnlab.

Mobile Speedtest - here's how it works

Do you want to test your Internet speed on your mobile?


Use the Speedtest app offered by our partner cnlab.


The app is available for Android, iOS and Symbian.

If you have further questions, our customer service will be happy to advise you.