now with up to 600 Mbit/s

Speedtest –

how fast is

your Internet?

Test your Internet speed 

now with up to 600 Mbit/s

Speedtest – how fast is your Internet?

Test your Internet speed 

Speedtest –

here’s how it works: 

For the most reliable result, measure your Internet speedusing the Speedtest application offered by our partner cnlab.

and install the Speedtest application

Start measuring (select
individual measurement or multiple measurements)

Speedtest checklist:

here’s how to get reliable test results

At the time of the test, you should only be connected to the Internet on the test computer. Disconnect all other computers from the Internet.

Close all programs on the test computer.

Switch off all tablets, smartphones and smart TVs (or disconnect these from the network).

Use the LAN cable. The Wi-Fi router should be switched off.

Carry out the test several times to obtain a reliable result.

What Internet speed

do I require? 

The data transfer rate required can vary greatly. If you just want to browse the web or stay informed about the day’s events, then a moderate bandwidth is sufficient. If you use the Internet to stream films in HD quality or for online gaming, then fast connection speeds are essential for a smooth experience.

  • Speed 600 Mbit/s
    Time required:
  • Speed 300 Mbit/s
    Time required:
  • Speed 60 Mbit/s
    Time required:

The difference between download and upload speed 

 What is the download speed?

The download speed refers to the connection speed that is required to «get» the data. This includes typical services such as streaming (video & audio), downloading documents and of course regular Internet browsing. 

 What is the upload speed?

The upload speed, in contrast, is required to «send» data, e.g. when uploading videos to YouTube or when streaming your own content (e.g. podcasts or on Twitch). The download speed is generally faster than the upload speed. 

UPC offers various Internet products, tailored to your needs. If you enjoy playing online games, then the minimum bandwidth is very important. Upload and download speed play an important role here.


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