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Combine & Save: Combine with fast Internet now and save money

How it works

How it works

For new customers

1. Select smartphone

From Apple to Samsung. We have the latest and most popular smartphones from a range of manufacturers.

2. Select Mobile subscription

For every smartphone that you order, you also need a Mobile subscription.


We offer a range of six Mobile subscriptions. Surf, make calls and text whenever you want. 

3. Determine the upfront payment for the smartphone

Every smartphone is available from as little as CHF 1, independent of the Mobile subscription selected.


You can also opt for a larger one-off upfront payment. The higher the upfront payment, the more you save on monthly costs for your smartphone.

For existing customers

1. Log in to My UPC

As an existing customer, you can adjust your Mobile products yourself quickly and simply.

2. Add or adjust a subscription

Click on “Adjust subscription now” then on “Add or adjust Mobile subscription / device” to select the desired Mobile products.

3. Close your order

The Combine & Save deal: As an existing customer with an Internet subscription with at least 100 Mbit/s, you get all Mobile subscriptions with 4,000 MB and 10,000 MB for a reduced price.

Questions about Mobile

If all of your available data credit has been used up, you will be informed by text message. This text message is activated as standard.


If you wish to be notified when 80% of your credit has been used up, you can activate this in your My UPC account, where you can also see your current data credit at any time.

If you have used up all your available data credit for the EU, then further use will be billed according to the normal prices. The normal data tariff for the EU is just CHF 0.30/MB. However, you can also activate an attractive data roaming package at any time if you wish to continue surfing the cost-effective way.


If you wish to keep your roaming costs outside your included data credit under control, we recommend defining a data roaming limit in My UPC. This is set to CHF 100 as standard, but you can change it according to your needs.

The following activities will not be deducted from the included High Speed data volume when in Switzerland: Sending text messages, images, videos, files or audio files. The following activities will be deducted from the monthly High Speed data limit when in Switzerland: Calls via WhatsApp, video chats via WhatsApp and chat backup. When in the EU, all WhatsApp traffic will be deducted from the data credit.

Switching is easy - keep your phone number

Changing to UPC is quick and simple. We will help you take all of the necessary steps and you can even keep your current mobile number (which you can enter during the order process).

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