Just don’t let your smartphone use up any data in the background: here’s how!


The top tips

How to save on mobile data:

  • Save your mobile Internet data
  • Avoid large bills
  • Surf unrestricted throughout the month


1. Deactivate Wi-Fi Assist

When your Wi-Fi reception is too weak, your iPhone automatically switches to the mobile data network and uses the mobile Internet data in your subscription. You can prevent this as follows.

Click on:

  • Settings
  • Mobile Data
  • Wi-Fi Assist Off

2. Deactivate mobile data for iCloud

If this setting is active, iCloud Drive synchronises data between your iOS devices – not only via Wi-Fi, but also via the mobile data network. If you want iCloud Drive to only synchronise via Wi-Fi, then you should proceed as follows:

  • Settings
  • iCloud
  • iCloud Drive
  • Use Mobile Data Off 


Note: if you deactivate this function, it is possible that documents stored in iCloud Drive will not always be updated to the latest version. Synchronisation only occurs via Wi-Fi.

3. Deactivate background updates

If this setting is active, your iPhone will automatically update content for apps in the background, either via Wi-Fi or the mobile data network. Switch it off if you want to make sure that your data will not be used for this purpose.

  • Settings
  • General
  • Background App Refresh
  • Background App Refresh Off 

4. Deactivate mobile data for iTunes

Your apps can also receive data from your other iOS devices without your knowledge, thus using up your data. However, you may not actually need this to happen.

Deactivate mobile data, in order to exclusively access it via Wi-Fi. Click on:

  • Settings
  • iTunes & App Store
  • Use Mobile Data Off


Note: here, too, it may now be the case that downloads are not always performed at the same time on all devices.

5. Prevent selected apps from using mobile data

In this overview, you can stipulate whether or not selected apps can access mobile data in general. Deactivate selected apps if you want to make absolutely sure that they can never use data via the mobile network.

  • Settings
  • Mobile Data
  • Deselect Apps


1. Restrict background data

With this function, you stipulate that apps are not allowed to use data in the background.

  • Settings
  • Data usage
  • More
  • Restrict Background Data

2. Activate data compression for Chrome

Thanks to Chrome's data compression feature, less data is downloaded onto your device when you visit websites. This helps you to save mobile data when surfing the web.

  • Open Chrome
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Data Saver
  • On

3. Automatic app updates

Stipulate that automatic app updates can exclusively occur via Wi-Fi, in order to save mobile data.

  • Open Play Store
  • Settings
  • Auto-update Apps
  • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only

Our tips for controlling your data

Download the My UPC app free of charge. This app shows you how many included units (Internet data, call minutes and SMS) you still have at your disposal in the current month.