Water and dust-resistant image | Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Water and dust-resistant

No need to worry about rain or dust any more: thanks to the design which complies with the IP68 Standard, you can stand in the rain with the phone without any qualms – and make important notes at the same time. 

Intelligent pen image | Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Intelligent pen

The new pen has some neat predictive features which make it possible to work even more effectively from anywhere. Be it the possibility of automatically opening the Notes app by pulling out the pen or through shortcuts created for this purpose – everything is taken care of in a couple of steps.

Iris Scan image | Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Maximum security with Iris Scan

The integrated iris scanner is 200x more secure than a fingerprint and makes the Galaxy Note 7 the world’s most secure smartphone. All it takes is once glance at the camera – also to open separately protected folders.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 image

Samsung Galaxy Note7