Want a converter?

With a converter you can continue to receive all channels after the digital switchover. Although the converter receives digital channels, it does not allow you to receive them in HD quality. Compared with a digital TV subscription, you will receive fewer channels and miss out on functions such as OnDemand (films available to rent individually) and Replay (time-shift television).


When do I need a converter?

Television sets with a DVB-C receiver

TV sets with an integrated DVB-C receiver can be connected directly using an aerial cable. Digital television can then be received immediately.


Other television sets

To receive digital television, TV sets without a DVB-C receiver require a converter or another external receiver with an integrated DVB-C receiver.


Technical specifications

Output signals:




576i (resolution dependent on the TV set)

width 23 cm, height 3.5 cm, depth 14.0 cm




Further information

  • A converters can be ordered at a unit cost of CHF 89.
  • The converter only works in the UPC network and in partner networks.