3-in-1 cable connection | Connection & installation

Problems with Replay or OnDemand? Perhaps your cable is plugged into the wrong hole!

Take the test: You can only use our additional services if your Horizon HD Recorder or your HD Mediabox is connected correctly.


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Install your DigiCard/DVB-C capable television

Connect connector cable to 3-in-1 cable connection | upc cablecom

Step 1

Connect the connector cable to the 3-in-1 cable connection.


Note:  Your 3-in-1 cable connection may also be fitted the other way round. Make sure that you connect the connector cable to the socket outlined in blue!

Connect connector cable to TV set + channel search | Install Digicard

Step 2

Connect the connector cable to your television set and perform a channel search.


Note: You will find instructions on how you can perform a channel search in the manual for your television set.

Plug DigiCard into TV set | DigiCard installation

Step 3

Plug the DigiCard into the slot on the back of your TV set until you feel it click into place.


Note: This step is not necessary if you do not have a DigiCard and wish to set up your DVB-C TV.

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Installation & set-up

Overview of digital channels


General questions

To be able to use the additional services, your Horizon HD Recorder or your HD Mediabox must have a return path-compatible connection. That means that it is not only able to receive signals (such as the TV signal), but is also able to send signals back to us via the “return path”. This is necessary so that you can use our additional services. The return path-compatible connection is only guaranteed if you connect your device correctly to the 3-in-1 cable connection, however. If this is not the case, your device will receive the TV signal, but not send a signal back and will therefore not activate any additional service. 

The return path compatibility of your connection allows you to watch a film in MyPrime or OnDemand. This selection has to be sent to our server so that we can provide you with the correct film. The sending of this selection is referred to as the «return path». 

The multimedia adapter is required if you wish to use several receivers such as an HD Mediabox and a modem, for example, with the same 3-in-1 cable connection. It also helps you connect your receivers correctly thanks to the labelled sockets. 


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