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The biggest WiFi network in Switzerland


Join the Wi-Free revolution

When you become a UPC internet customer, you'll get access to two networks: a private network for your home, and your Wi-Free network.

After you join Wi-Free, you can hook up to free Wi-Fi hotspots around Switzerland. The performance of your private network is unaffected, but if you don't want to take part, no problem - simply don't activate Wi Free.

Surf free of charge with Wi-Free in over 500,000 locations

Just some of the benefits of Wi-Free

1. Easy set-up - get up and running in seconds

2. Never run out of mobile data - just connect to the nearest hotspot

3. Always free - avoid nasty roaming charges on your bill


Wi-Free goes even further with the Connect App

Our Connect App is where you can edit your Wi-Free profile, see available hotspots, and connect. 


Get online for free with Wi-Free

Since autumn 2014, we have offered our customers Switzerland’s biggest free Wi-Fi network with Wi-Free. This means you can browse the web at around 500,000 locations in Switzerland and over six million locations in Europe free of charge on your smartphone, tablet etc. Here’s how it works:

Net neutrality

UPC is committed to an open Internet. Together with the largest Swiss Internet service providers, we have therefore drawn up a Code of Conduct. In this, we have given a public assurance that content will neither be slowed down nor blocked within UPC’s network, regardless of the provider.


The principle of net neutrality states that all data should be treated equally on the Internet. In concrete terms, this principle relates to the last part of the data stream: the transportation of data from the ISP’s headquarters to the user, i.e. within an Internet service provider’s network.

Transparency measures in accordance with the Code of Conduct

«Managed services»

The capacity of UPC customers’ Internet connections will not be shared with «managed services».

Information about traffic management measures

  • All data is transported through our network without discrimination. UPC reserves the right to block unlawful content on the instruction of a Swiss court or a duly authorised authority (e.g. CYCO). 
  • To preserve the integrity and security of our network, we analyse data flow anonymously according to specific attack patterns or anomalies (e.g. DDoS attacks). In the event of an occurrence, we reserve the right to filter such harmful data out of the network.
  • The Internet speed for our Mobile offers will be reduced to max. 128 kbit/s depending on the subscription, as soon as the High Speed data volume included in the subscription has been used up. This also applies for services whose data usage is not deducted from the High Speed data volume included in the respective subscription. This currently applies for WhatsApp messaging within our Mobile portfolio. This possibility is also available to other providers of messaging services. Interested providers can contact UPC for further information.
  • Our telephone services (VoIP) and Wi-Free are configured as separate data traffic in our network. All data is treated the same, which means the quality of all remaining services is unaffected.

View Wi-Free coverage in Switzerland

View Wi-Free coverage abroad

Coverage in Europe

Thanks to the international Wi-Free concept, you can also surf the Internet for free at millions of locations abroad and by doing so save roaming costs in a simple way. The network name may differ from “UPC Wi-Free”, depending on the country you are visiting. Your user name and password for logging in are the same as in Switzerland, however. Look on the map to see where Wi-Free is already available and follow the steps to connect with Wi-Free.

Country Network name
Switzerland UPC Wi-Free
Germany Unitymedia WifiSpot
Austria UPC Wi-Free
Netherlands Ziggo
Ireland Horizon Wi-Free
Slovakia UPC Wi-Free
Hungary, Poland, Romania UPC Wi-Free
Czech Republic UPC Wi-Free
UPC Wi-Free
UPC Wi-Free

Step 1 – Make a note of the network

Look for the country in which you wish to use Wi-Free in the table and make a note of the network name. Please note: if you were able to connect successfully with Wi-Free in Switzerland, you will be connected automatically in Hungary, Poland and Romania and do not need to configure anything.

Step 2 – Search for network

As soon as you have arrived in the destination country, search for the corresponding Wi-Free network name.

Step 3 – Login

If you have found the network, log in with your My UPC username and Wi-Free password, just like you did in Switzerland.

Step 4 – Connect

After connecting successfully with Wi-Free in the destination country, you will be connected automatically whenever Wi-Free is available.


Frequently asked questions

Will Wi-Free affect my private network's performance?

No. Your private network remains full speed. The additional Internet performance required for Wi-Free is provided by UPC.

How can I activate Wi-Free?

Follow these three steps:

Set your password by logging in to your My UPC account
Search for a Wi-Free hotspot
Connect your device, and off you go!

Who can use Wi-Free?

Anyone with a Wi-Free password can access Wi-Free at any hotspot.

Which devices can I use Wi-Free on?

Any devices with a WLAN receiver - iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs.

How to connect to Wi-Free?

In principle, you can use all devices with a WLAN receiver to connect to Wi-Free (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs).

Wi-Free connections are available throughout the UPC network. Local availability depends on whether you are at a Wi-Free hotspot. Please note: it is not possible to connect to Wi-Free on your own WLAN Modem



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*Internet: Promotional price valid for the first 12 months and only for new customers, then the normal price applies (Connect 300 with Phone for CHF 79/month; Connect 600 with Phone for CHF 99/month). Minimum contract period 12 months, CHF 99 activation fee. Prices and offers subject to change. Valid until 09.04.2019. If cable connection fees are billed by a UPC partner network, these will be accounted for in the form of a credit note.