The biggest WiFi network in Switzerland



The biggest WiFi network in Switzerland

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Wi-Free Revolution

As a UPC Internet customer you receive access to our World-wide Wi-Free network.

After registering for Wi-Free in the Connect App, you can use free wifi hotspots throughout the whole of Switzerland. If you don’t want to use Wi-Free, that’s no problem – simply don’t activate Wi-Free.


AT OVER 500,000 LOCATIONS in Switzerland

and over 10 million locations in Europe

and the USA

Just a few of the advantages of Wi-Free

Easy set-up with the Connect App - get online in a few seconds 

Never run out of mobile data - just connect to the nearest hotspot


Always free - and avoid unnecessary roaming costs


Our Connect App is where you can edit your Wi-Free profile, see available hotspots, and connect. 


Enjoy free surfing on the go with Wi-Free

Since autumn 2014, we have offered our customers Switzerland’s biggest free wifi network with Wi-Free. This means you can browse the web at around 500,000 locations in Switzerland and over 10 million locations in Europe free of charge on your smartphone, tablet etc.


Simply set it up and always stay connected. Surf at a fast, reliable public UPC Wi-Free hotspot. The attainable speed depends on your location and device, among other things. Up to 150 Mbit/s are possible on the wifi network at public places, in restaurants and cafés. You can surf at up to 10 Mbit/s within range of other UPC Wi-Free customers' wifi routers. 

Here is how it works:

Log in to My UPC and follow the path “Products” > “Internet” > “Wi-Free”.  

In the next step, under “Use Wi-Free now”, you can select an individual password and activate your Wi-Free immediately.  

Have fun surfing!








Wi-Free Location

Only for UPC customers: free of charge, unlimited WLAN at more than 10 million Wi-Free Hotspots in Switzerland, Europe and the USA. Good to know: The reception quality of individual locations can vary.

Public Wi-Free location

Free WLAN for everyone Partner hotspots can also be used by non-customers Good to know: UPC customers can also surf here as much as they want!

Frequently asked questions

Will Wi-Free affect my private network's performance?

No. Your private network remains full speed. The additional Internet performance required for Wi-Free is provided by UPC.

How can I activate Wi-Free?

Follow these three steps:

Set your password by logging in to your My UPC account
Search for a Wi-Free hotspot
Connect your device, and off you go!

Who can use Wi-Free?

Anyone with a Wi-Free password can access Wi-Free at any hotspot.

Which devices can I use Wi-Free on?

Any devices with a WLAN receiver - iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs.

How to connect to Wi-Free?

In principle, you can use all devices with a WLAN receiver to connect to Wi-Free (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs).

Wi-Free connections are available throughout the UPC network. Local availability depends on whether you are at a Wi-Free hotspot. Please note: it is not possible to connect to Wi-Free on your own WLAN Modem