Valid from 1 May 2021 for new customers and from 1 June 2021 for existing customers



We are simplifying and accelerating the cancellation process. Starting 1 May 2021 (1 June 2021 for existing customers), all UPC subscriptions can only be cancelled over the phone or via UPC Chat. Written notices of cancellation by letter, fax or e-mail are no longer valid as of this date. This applies to all UPC mobile, Internet, phone and TV subscriptions. The General Terms and Conditions will be updated accordingly.

To carry out a cancellation, a special free cancellation hotline and also a cancellation chat are available. You will be connected directly to our cancellation department.


·  from Switzerland: 0800 900 210 (free)

·  from abroad: +41 800 900 210

Mon. - Fri., 8 am to 7 pm
Sat. 9 am to 1 pm


·  You can access the chat here:
·  The chat is available in German, French, Italian and English.

Mon. - Fri., 8 am to 5:30 pm

Confirmation of cancellation: You will immediately receive a confirmation of cancellation by SMS after the cancellation has been received. The next business day, the cancellation confirmation will be sent to you again by letter.

For existing customers with an existing UPC subscription, this change will apply as of 1 June 2021. The new Terms and Conditions are available at



  • The process for switching providers with number porting will remain unchanged. In the case of a cancellation with number porting, your new provider will send an electronic porting request to UPC, which is also a cancellation of your subscription. You don’t need to do anything else.
  • The minimum contract period, the notice periods to be observed or fees in the event of premature termination, will remain unchanged.
  • Options for all subscriptions can still be cancelled as usual.



Today, the vast majority of customers use multiple, convergent digital services, such as a cable connection, mobile subscription, device plan, Internet/fixed network and TV subscription, as well as our other services or those from third-party providers. If a customer wants to cancel a subscription, the respective details regarding the cancellation process must be observed due to the sometimes complex links between the products. For this reason, written notices of cancellation often give rise to ambiguities that require questions to be clarified with the customer. Unfortunately, however, customers are often difficult to reach, which can ultimately lead to errors in the cancellation process and disadvantages for customers. For this reason, we have decided to simplify the cancellation process.

Direct communication between the customer and UPC employees eliminates ambiguities and misunderstandings related to cancellations. When a customer cancels a subscription, we can explain to them what effect cancelling a subscription has on their other subscriptions, to what extent combination discounts are affected, how to port numbers correctly and avoid losing the network connection or a phone number, and what charges can be expected if the customer cancels the contract outside of the cancellation period. In addition, we can also prevent abusive terminations by third parties that occur time and again. Further advantages: Customers save themselves the trouble of writing a notice of cancellation, going to the post office, postage and registered mail fees. Furthermore, there is no longer any risk of the cancellation letter reaching us too late and thus missing the cancellation deadline.

Sunrise already successfully changed the cancellation process three years ago and was able to significantly increase customer satisfaction as a result, so that other telecom providers have also adopted this practice.  



Which services must be cancelled by phone or chat?

The requirement to cancel by phone or chat applies to all UPC mobile subscriptions and all UPC landline, Internet and TV subscriptions.

How can I prove that I have cancelled? Will I receive a confirmation of cancellation?

Notice of cancellation shall be deemed to have been given to UPC upon oral transmission to and receipt of the notice by the agent. You will immediately receive a confirmation of cancellation by SMS after the cancellation has been received. As of the next business day, the cancellation confirmation will be sent to you again by letter.

What will apply if I want to switch to another provider with number porting?

The cancellation process for a change of provider with simultaneous number porting remains unchanged, i.e. your new provider will send an electronic porting request to UPC on your behalf, which also constitutes a cancellation of your subscription with UPC. You do not need to do anything else in this case.

How do I cancel options?

Options for all subscriptions can still be cancelled as usual, e.g. online via the "My UPC" customer account, in any UPC store or via the UPC Contact Center (

What applies to a subscription change?

A change of subscription within a subscription family, as well as between Sunrise and UPC subscription families, does not constitute a cancellation and can be completed via "My UPC", via the UPC Contact Center ( or in any UPC store.

Can I also cancel my subscriptions in the UPC Shop?

No, because mobile, Internet, landline and TV subscriptions themselves cannot be cancelled in the UPC Shop, unlike the options for these services.

What happens if I still cancel in writing by letter?

Written notices of termination are invalid and do not result in the cancellation of the contract. Upon receipt of a written notice of termination, UPC will endeavor, without warranty, to contact the sender through the appropriate channel (telephone, SMS, e-mail or post) to authenticate the sender and subsequently the cancellation process by telephone. In all cases, however, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the notice of cancellation is submitted in a legally valid manner. UPC does not provide any guarantee of termination if the customer is not reachable.

Do I have to justify the cancellation to the agent?

We are naturally interested in knowing why you want to cancel. But of course, you don't have to justify your cancellation. We accept your cancellation in any case.

Do I have a special right of cancellation due to the change in the General Terms and Conditions?

No. A special right of cancellation only exists if UPC changes the GTCs in such a way that they materially disadvantage customers. This is not the case with the new amendment to the terms of cancellation.