Free Replay for your
HD Mediabox

Free Replay for your HD Mediabox

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Watch your TV programme whenever you want

Never miss a programme again with Replay! Watch time-shift television whenever you want.

Replay TV Guide | upc cablecom

Back through the TV guide

Simply go back through the TV guide and play the programme you missed.

Replay Startover | upc cablecom

Missed the start?

With the start-over function you can watch programmes that are currently playing from the very beginning.

Replay 30 hours | upc cablecom

Rewind up to 30 hours

Enjoy time-shift television for up to 30 hours.

Channel highlights with Replay:

Replay | Channel highlights | upc cablecom

Check your bill or My UPC to see which programme package you have. 
You can find the full channel list here (PDF).


Here’s how to activate Replay on your HD Mediabox


Replay | Mediabox | upc cablecom

Step 1

Go into the TV guide and click on a programme with the Replay icon.

Replay | Mediabox | upc cablecom

Step 2

Read the terms of use and click on "Activate".

Replay | Mediabox | upc cablecom

Step 3

You can select a programme directly in the TV guide and watch it (programmes that start after activation).

Already using Replay? To benefit from the new Replay functions, you need to re-activate Replay directly on your HD Mediabox..

Questions about Replay

Is Replay included in your subscription?

Can I continue to use Replay if I change my subscription?

How do I get 7 days of Replay?

Who can use Replay and what does the service cost?

Important: You can only use Replay if your HD Mediabox is connected correctly.

Connection | upc cablecom
7 days Replay | upc cablecom

Our popular bundles include 7 days of Replay

from CHF 89 / month

By activating Replay, you agree that UPC will record the channels of the channel package you have subscribed to.
You can find the full channel list here.


To find out which package you currently have, Classic or Comfort, just log in to My UPC or check your latest bill.