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The right time to switch to IP telephony from UPC

This year, all households which are still using analogue telephony from Swisscom will need to switch to digital fixed network technology (called IP telephony or VoIP).  Make sure your home is safe with us by making the easy switch - our customers already love making calls with our fibreoptic technology.


4 reasons to switch to UPC:

Over your IP phone calls are not carried over the phone line but over the Internet connection. Here are just some of the benefits:

Rely on us

You're in safe hands with our IP phone experts

Keep your old number

Simply switch it to your new phone

Useful functions

Caller display, call forwarding and lots of other functions are a breeze thanks to IP telephony

Reduce your costs

Take advantage of low national and international flat rates and call rates

Choosing the best IP phone for you


  • Get billed per minute
  • Keep your old number

Phone CH

  • Free calls within Switzerland (fixed network & mobile)
  • Cheap international tariffs
  • Keep your old number

Phone International

  • Free calls within Switzerland (fixed network & mobile)
  • Free calls to fixed networks in 33 countries
  • Keep your old number

Questions about the switch

What is a IP phone?

On an IP phone, voice is carried via the Internet by establishing the connection from the phone to the traditional telephone network.

When will Swisscom switch from analogue telephony to IP telephony?

The switch has already begun and will be implemented until the end of 2018.

Who is affected by the switch?

All Swisscom customers who use the analogue fixed telephone network.

How do I switch?

With UPC, IP phones are already included in the cable connection. This means that you can simply activate your phone with us and continue making calls. For more flexibility and free calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile networks, we recommend Phone CH. With Phone International, you can also make free phone calls to fixed networks across 33 countries.

One call to 0800 66 0800 is all it takes and we will help you switch

Do those affected need to buy a new phone?

Almost all fixed network devices, such as IP telephones or analogue DECT (cordless) telephones, can continue to be used, though a RJ11 plug is a prerequisite.

Exceptions include rotary dial telephones, pulse-dialling telephones and ISDN devices, which cannot be used with VoIP. In these cases, UPC recommends buying a new fixed network device.




ONLINE ONLY : Save the CHF 99 activation fee + 100-day cancellation policy

ONLINE ONLY : Save the CHF 99 activation fee


Save the CHF 99 activation fee

100-day cancellation policy