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Benefits of Premium Plus

Enjoy all these great features as part of Premium Plus

  • 40+ extra channels
    Extra entertainment for all the family

  • MyPrime included
    Your favourite movies and shows, anywhere and any time

  • Movies and more on the move 
    Enjoy the best films and series on your smartphone or tablet and conveniently schedule recordings while on the go!

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MyPrime provides unlimited streaming entertainment

With MyPrime you can watch films, series and children’s programmes anytime and as often as you like. With MyPrime everyone finds what they are looking for. MyPrime is included in our Premium Plus option. It can be activated via our new Connect & Play subscriptions for CHF 15/month 


Frequently asked questions

What is Premium Plus?

With Premium Plus you can watch films, series and children’s programmes anywhere and anytime, as often as you like. Access to a huge selection of the most entertaining films released in recent years, timeless classics and entire TV series. The MyPrime offer includes content in German, French and Italian. Many programmes are also available in their original language thanks to two-channel audio.

You can watch with a Horizon HD Recorder on your television or via Horizon Go on your PC, tablet or smartphone - either at home or on the go.

Who can subscribe to Premium Plus?

All customers with a Connect and Connect & Play subscription can subscribe to the Premium Plus option (MyPrime & 40 additional channels) for CHF 15.- a month. 

If you still have an older subscription with MyPrime, you can continue to use the option as you bought it.

How much does Premium Plus cost?

Premium Plus can be ordered together with our new Connect & Play subscriptions for a monthly price of CHF 15.-

How do I subscribe to MyPrime?

In order to subscribe to Premium Plus with MyPrime, please log in to My UPC. Under My products, click on TV to display all the details relating to your TV package. Click on Add/remove options. Select the options and click Next. Activation will be completed within 48 hours.

Which programmes can I watch over MyPrime?

Browse the complete library of TV series, films and children’s programmes on Horizon Go or on your Horizon HD Recorder or Mediabox. 


Enjoy all these great features as part of Premium Plus


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