Horizon software update

In recent months, we have further developed the Horizon HD Recorder software for you. Find out here which new features you can enjoy from 29 March 2016.


The new functions at a glance

More options for rewinding and fast-forwarding

Menu no longer closes automatically

Already selected options are displayed with a check mark

Used hard disk storage is displayed in recordings

Symbols for SD/HD subtitle language and audio


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New rewinding and fast-forwarding functions

With a long press of the navigation buttons (< >), it is possible to rewind and fast-forward with minute-by-minute precision. With a short press of the buttons, you can skip forward or backward at predefined intervals (of between 10 seconds and 10 minutes). This skipping interval is set in the Options menu item under Personal Settings.

All details on the rewinding and fast-forwarding functions.


Changes to menu

We have adjusted the layout and text size of the main menu. In addition, the main menu is no longer automatically hidden, but rather it can be closed by pressing the Back button.


How it works 

Requirements for updating your box

Your Horizon HD Recorder will automatically install the latest software version from 29 March 2016. The update will be installed automatically if your Horizon HD Recorder is connected to both the cable network and the mains supply. The box must be in standby mode.

Restoring the favourites list

It is possible that the favourites list will no longer be displayed following the Horizon update. Please unplug your Horizon HD Recorder from the wall and restart it. Your favourites list should reappear after a few minutes.

Starting the software update manually

Carry out the manual installation of the update as follows:

  • Press the manu button
  • Select Options – Advanced settings – Horizon box
  • Now confirm the menu item “Check for updates”

Installation of the new software may take up to 20 minutes. During this time, the message “Please wait” will be displayed on your TV screen. Do not unplug your Horizon HD Recorder from either the mains supply or the cable network during this time.

Do you need help?

Help topics

In the Support section, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions as well as helpful instructions.


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