«I’ve never had a bad experience with UPC.»

Raphael Rietmann, Managing Director, 9plus

Raphael Rietmann founded his private school 9plus in summer 2012. Aiming to offer state-of-the-art multimedia teaching facilities, the former elementary school teacher opted for UPC Business as provider. Aside from an unbeatable price, he was also impressed by the service.

Raphael Rietmann has made his dream come true in the centre of Rüti. The spacious, light-filled classrooms in his modern private school ‘9plus’ provide the perfect atmosphere in which to learn. After 10 years of practical experience in a state school, the enthusiastic teacher was disappointed by the rigidity of the educational system. With official approval, he can now teach himself and implement his own vision of modern teaching. As headteacher Rietmann explains: “Our style of teaching is much more personal than in state elementary schools; all our pupils have their own Macbook. This has many benefits. Pupils can work independently wherever they are, while at the same time learning a responsible attitude to the Internet.”

Rietman was clear on one thing, even at the planning stage – the days of blackboards, pens and paper were over. Instead, an efficient multimedia infrastructure was to provide the basis for a new form of open teaching. Rietmann: “Pivotal to our innovative school routine is a fast, reliable Internet connection.” Having contacted various providers and discussed the decision with friends in the know, he decided on UPC Business as provider. “Ultimately it was a question of price, but service was also a consideration. I was constantly put on hold by the other competitors,” remembers Rietmann.

«UPC’s offer is unbeatable: I pay less for more performance! There’s simply no reason not to go for UPC.»


9plus uses the Internet intensively. Pupils save their data on a cloud-based platform. Even during teaching the Internet is always to the fore. A large flat-screen monitor is used instead of a blackboard. The teachers controls the screen and also has direct access pupils’ PCs.

Besides the Internet, 9plus also uses the UPC Business telephony offering, complete with virtual telephone exchange. As a self-employed businessman, the dedicated educational entrepreneur also has to be available in the traditional manner. He readily admits that he didn’t give much thought to the matter of telephony. “As far I was concerned, a fast Internet connection was most important.” He is very satisfied with both: “The pupils also use the phone sometimes when applying for jobs. It works beautifully

The young head teacher is also particularly impressed by the support: “Someone always answers immediately when I call. I am sure of a response and, as a customer, feel that my concerns are taken seriously.” He is happy with UPC’s performance: “Everything works so fast and smoothly – that’s mega cool!”

The person

Raphael Rietmann is the sole owner of 9plus. Before training as a teacher, he took several trips abroad and worked in a range of interesting roles in various industries. After ten years as a secondary school teacher at the Hinwil primary school he set up his own business. He currently manages the school by himself and teaches all subjects.

The company

The private school 9plus was founded in the summer of 2012. It offers 7th to 9th grade students a unique service: all students have their own laptop that lets them do their coursework anywhere. The course material is in the cloud. Besides the modern infrastructure, individual learning goals and weekly plans provide for independent learning. 9plus is nationally recognised and adheres to the content of the official curriculum issued by the government in Zurich.

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