We are now operating under one single brand, Sunrise.

The two companies have merged under the umbrella of the premium brand Sunrise. Thus, the best of UPC and Sunrise is fully combined and integrated into one, compelling new offer. Our business customers thereby benefit from UPC’s outstanding Internet, Sunrise’s leading 5G mobile network and its award-winning service. With the addition of the Sunrise Business brand, we are also strengthening our identification with and positioning within the business customer segment.

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What does this mean for you? 

What does this mean for your UPC Business product? Rest assured, presumably nothing changes at all. You remain our customer and all your products and services will remain unchanged in terms of price and content. What does this mean for your contact channels? We are here to help you as usual. All numbers and contacts remain unchanged. In addition to its comprehensive communications solutions and excellent infrastructure and outstanding service, Sunrise also sets the highest standards when it comes to customer support and offers an even better and more innovative service.

A whole new world of possibilities!

What’s more, the new Sunrise brand offers you a whole new world of possibilities with multiple advantages. Contact us to benefit from these advantages, combine an existing product or switch to the brand-new Sunrise Up portfolio. Simply call our service hotline at 0800 464 646, pay us a visit at one of our shops or go online sunrise.ch/business.

Discover Sunrise Business


Do I have to switch my UPC Business product to Sunrise?

No, you don’t need to switch your current UPC Business product. If you would like to find out more about what Sunrise has to offer, please don’t hesitate to check out sunrise.ch/business, visit one of our 100 Sunrise Shops or give us a call.

Is it worth switching my Business products to Sunrise?

Yes, by switching to Sunrise, you will get the best of both UPC and Sunrise and more benefits than you could ever imagine.

Get ready:

• To save with our exclusive combined offers.

• To be entertained with a wide-ranging offering: TV content, Apple Music, Game Cloud and more.

• For the world of mobile devices that is waiting to be discovered: The latest mobile phones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches and more are waiting for you at Sunrise.

As a Business customer, you will benefit from the best communication solutions that are tailored to your needs, a first-rate infrastructure consisting of an outstanding mobile network and hybrid fiber optic network, as well as individual and personal advice.

Will I benefit from Sunrise promotions if I switch to Sunrise Business?

Yes, you can benefit from Sunrise Business offers for existing customers. Please visit our shop or call our service hotline at 0800 707 700 for more information.

How will I pay my bills in the future?

You can continue to pay your bills as before. Nothing will change in this regard. You will continue receiving your bill as before and your bill will look the same as before.

Can I purchase new mobile products (device, options or rate plans) from UPC?

No, we are no longer offering new products from UPC. However, Sunrise Business is sure to have the perfect offer for you. More information can be found here: sunrise.ch/mobile.Please note that all existing products will remain unchanged and active.

Why am I not able to order from UPC anymore?

We would like to offer you the best of Sunrise and UPC from one premium brand – Sunrise.Now that we have joined forces, we are pooling the best of the 5G mobile network from Sunrise and the outstanding Internet, TV and entertainment platform from UPC. You will still be able to purchase individual UPC Business Connectivity products/services. Please contact us by phone to do so.

Will my current contract / my current Business product and possible promotion change?

Your contract, Business product and possible promotions will remain active and unaltered. The only change: You will notice our new logo and new name on some of our platforms.

If I have questions, do I need to contact UPC or Sunrise?

Your points of contact, contact numbers and people will remain unchanged.

Can I return my old UPC TV Box and/or Internet Box to a Sunrise Shop?

Yes, UPC hardware can also be brought back to a Sunrise Shop.

Do existing UPC customers now have a special right of cancellation?

No, as your contract, Business product and possible promotions remain active and unchanged, you will not have a special right of cancellation.

I am already a customer with Sunrise and UPC. Will I only receive one bill now? And will I have access to just one customer account now?

For the time being, you will continue to receive two bills. Your customer account will also remain separate. We are continuing to work hard on the merger, step by step.

I am already a customer with Sunrise and UPC. Will I receive a combination discount now?

No. There is no combination discount between the two brands. However, with the new Sunrise Up, you will receive extensive advantages if you have everything with Sunrise.

I am a (UPC) partner network customer, what does this mean for me?

Your contract, product and possible promotions will remain active and unaltered. The only change: You will notice our new logo and new name on some of our platforms.

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