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Ariba P2P


UPC’s objective

Implementing Ariba P2P is part of UPC’s digitisation strategy “Simply digital”. Ariba P2P will enable UPC to simplify the internal ordering processes and to make invoice processing and communication with its suppliers simpler, faster and more transparent.

Introduction of Ariba P2P

As of 22 May 2019 UPC began migrating suppliers from the previous platform, SRM, to Ariba P2P. This process will be continued in several project phases, until all selected suppliers have been transferred by the end of 2019.

How does this benefit suppliers?

Using the SAP Ariba network provides added value for UPC’s suppliers:
+ Cost reduction thanks to elimination of postage and paper costs
+ Real-time overview of all orders and invoices, as well as their current status and payment details
+ Transparency and accuracy with regard to financial reporting and invoice variance
+ Access to the world’s largest business and commerce network

Do costs arise from using Ariba?

Registering in Ariba with:

a) a standard account is free. Access to the order or invoice occurs by means of a link, which is sent by e-mail.

b) An enterprise account generates annual and transaction fees, for which there are upper limits.

An enterprise account offers numerous automation possibilities:
+ Link to the supplier’s own web shop
+ Direct access to and overview of all orders and invoices with the customer
+ Connection of the two ERP systems (Machine to Machine connection)




As soon as UPC has created the first order for you in the Ariba network, the person you have named as contact will receive an e-mail.

This e-mail will contain a link: “Process order”. By clicking on this button, the contact person will automatically be redirected to the Ariba platform.

- If your company already has an account on the Ariba network, log in with the “Login” button.
- Companies that do not have an account should click on the “Subscribe” button.
Alternatively, you can register in the Ariba network for an account for your company by opening the website and clicking on the link “Register now”.

Create company profile

Log in to the Ariba network

On the Ariba network homepage, click on Company Settings on the upper right. In the dropdown menu, select Company Profile and add the information to the company profile

Record a bank transfer address for billing

Log in to the Ariba network:

Click on Company Settings on the upper right and then select Transfers in the dropdown menu.

Select Create in order to add new company payment details. Or click on Edit if existing information needs to be changed. Then select the standard address for bank transfers. If desired you can add a bank transfer ID for each customer.

Following this, define the payment method:

- Select the preferred payment method
- Add information for the bank transfer
- Select whether credit cards are accepted or not

Maintaining customer relationships

Log in to the Ariba network:

Click on Company Settings on the upper right and then select Customer Relationships in the dropdown menu.

Select whether the customer relationships should be accepted automatically or manually.

In the Outstanding section you can approve or reject the outstanding relationship requests.

By clicking the customer’s name under Current, it is possible to check the customer’s details and preferences.

On the upper left, with the User tab, additional user roles can be added. There you can assign employees the user roles and authorisations appropriate for their role in the company.

Forwarding electronic documents

Log in to the Ariba network:

Click on Company Settings on the upper right and then select Forward Electronic Purchase Orders/Invoices in the dropdown menu.

There you can set the preferences for the forwarding method for orders and invoices.



Overview of use of the Ariba network

The following documents can be exchanged electronically via the Ariba network between UPC and the supplier:

- Orders for goods and services
- Order confirmations (optional)
- Delivery notifications (optional)
- Receipt of goods
- Invoices and credits

Create order confirmation (optional)

As soon as UPC has placed an order, you will receive an e-mail with a link to it in the Ariba network.

Click on the link in the e-mail, or log in directly to the Ariba network.

New purchase orders are visible on the homepage of the Ariba network. Alternatively, it is also possible to open the inbox in the Ariba network to process orders.

An order can be processed directly under Actions in the dropdown menu. Select Confirm Order. Or you can open an order, and in the upper section select the Send Order Confirmation tab.

Fill in the fields in the order confirmation. Note that the confirmation number is a random number for identifying the order confirmation. Then click Submit.

When the order confirmation has been transmitted, the order status is shown as Confirmed.

See also the Sending Order Confirmations video:

Pflegen Sie die Felder in der Bestelbestätigung. Beachten Sie, dass die Bestätigungsnummer eine beliebige Zahl zur Identifizierung der Auftragsbestätigung ist. Klicken Sie anschliessend auf Einreichen.

Sobald die Auftragsbestätigung übermittelt wurde, wird der Auftragsstatus als Bestätigt angezeigt.

Siehe auch Video Senden von Bestellbestätigungen:

Create delivery notification (optional)

To send a delivery notification, open an order. Click on the Create Delivery
Notification button on the upper left.

Fill out information from the delivery slip. Note that the packing slip ID is a random number which may be used to identify the delivery confirmation.

Then select Send.

When the delivery notification has been sent, the order status changes to Sent.

Create invoice

In the inbox of the Ariba network, select the Actions dropdown menu and click on Standard Invoice. Or open an order instead. Select the Create Invoice button in the upper section and click on Standard Invoice.

The invoice will automatically be filled in with the order details. The required fields must be filled in and if applicable, also with taxes. Check the invoice for accuracy.

Then click Submit.

Check the status of an invoice

There are the following statuses for invoices:

- Sent – The invoice has been sent to the customer, but the customer has not yet checked it with purchase orders and receipts

- Cancelled – The customer has approved cancellation of the invoice

- Paid – The customer has paid the invoice as part of the billing process

- Rejected – The customer has rejected the invoice or the invoice has not been validated by the Ariba network

- Failed – The Ariba network had a problem with routing the invoice, please try again

See also the Show Payments video:

Archiving invoices

After submitting the invoice you will receive a notification by e-mail with a copy of the invoice in cXML and PDF format. Or you can also open an order and select one of the buttons in the upper section: Download PDF, cXML Export, Download CSV file

Create credit memo

In the inbox of the Ariba network, select the Actions dropdown menu and click on Invoice Correction, or open an order instead. Select the Create Invoice button in the upper section and click on Invoice Correction at Item Level.

Enter the information in the form of a credit (the amount and taxes areautomatically negative).

Complete the mandatory fields.

Then click Submit.



Can I link multiple Ariba supplier accounts with one another?

With the aid of the account hierarchy it is possible to link a higher-level account with a variable number of subordinate accounts.

This makes it possible for administrators of higher-level accounts to open subordinate accounts with a single click.

How can I limit the number of Ariba e-mails that I receive?

Log in to the Ariba network:

Click on Company Settings at the top right. Select Notifications from the menu.

Tick the boxes for receiving notifications.

Select Save.

How do I view my customer’s invoicing rules?

Here is how to view your customers’ invoicing rules:

- On the upper right of the homepage, select the option Company Settings and then Customer Relationships

- Click on your customer’s name. Your customer’s invoicing rules are then displayed

Where do I find my Ariba network ID (ANID)?

The ANID for your account is displayed under Company Settings, on the upper right of the Ariba network homepage.

How can I resolve problems with the browser settings?

1. Open the browser history and delete it, including cookies

2. If possible, switch to one of the other supported browsers

3. Check the network settings with the aid of IT

Can I change the language in the Ariba network?

The contents of the Ariba network are shown in the same language as the Internet browser uses. So a change is only possible by changing the language of the Internet browser.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact


Other important notes

Other important notes for you

New order number range: 43xxxxxxxx (orders from UPC always begin with 43...)

UPC Ariba network ID: AN01461405811

Paper bills that reference an Ariba P2P UPC order number will be rejected with the reason “Billing in electronic form required”

Current “old” orders can still be billed until these are used up.