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«UPC has one huge advantage over every other company in this industry: its own fiber network.»

Simon Maurer, CEO, in4U AG

A company reinvents itself: in4U AG morphed from an in-company department to a successful ICT one-stop shop in just a few years. Pivotal to the company’s success today are fast stable communication lines. So in4U CEO Simon Maurer subjects network providers to close examination.

Until the end of 1998 the present in4U was one of five regional centres for Volvo Information Technology AB from Sweden. When the site was to be closed down, management and staff fought to establish a future as an independent company. “Turning an integral part of the parent group into an independent company was a crazy undertaking”, concludes the present CEO, Simon Maurer, referring to the dismal outlook at the time. After some hard bargaining, the management achieved a buyout. “Within two years we managed to reinvent ourselves. After all, we had the know-how,” comments Maurer, explaining the overnight success.

That was 13 years ago. in4U AG has become an experienced player in the ICT industry. “We possess unique know-how in developing and operating IT structures. We offer customers tailored data centre services, managed IT services and Swiss cloud services.”

To run these extensive high-availability IT outsourcing solutions in4U AG depends on a stable efficient network, and that means everywhere. Simon Maurer must also equip the company for great changes ahead:

«In the future telephony will run over the IP protocol; a lot of data is already in the cloud. The whole industry is heading towards running everything over the Internet.»

The SME from Lyss banks on its collaboration with UPC Business: “UPC’s bandwidths simply offer more availability than competitors’. Coverage in Switzerland is very good.”

A long-time Swisscom manager Maurer appreciates the direct straightforward communication in his company and with business partners. In his view UPC Business and in4U are perfectly matched: “Cooperation is flexible, easy and you can reach people you need. Although UPC is a huge company, as an SME you still get the feeling of being on equal terms with them.”

The person

Simon Maurer has been CEO of in4U AG since August 2012. The qualified management expert studied among others at the London Business School. He began his career in IT and has remained loyal to the industry ever since. After many years as a departmental head in a large company he sought the challenge of steering a young dynamic SME.

The company

The present in4U AG developed from a regional centre of Volvo Information Technology AB. In 1999 a management buyout resulted in the start-up of an independent company, before it was taken over last year by the Bern IT group GARAIO. It operates successfully in the international ICT market under its old name.

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