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«In terms of bandwidth, they are definitely one of the best providers on the market.»

Frank Kleppel, CEO, TP Vision Switzerland

Philips TV sets are world famous. It’s less well known that in spring 2012 the TV sector of the Dutch group founded a joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer TPV to improve their chances in the hotly contested market. TP Vision’s Country Manager Frank Kleppel trusts in the qualities of UPC Business.

A total of 15 people work in the Swiss branch of Philips sales company TP Vision located at the heart of the Zurich-Schlieren industrial park. The business environment is that of a typical Swiss subsidiary of an international manufacturer: commissions and orders are recorded in the group-wide SAP system. For this, the company depends on reliable Internet access: “An Internet crash would be dire. If you can’t input orders into the SAP system, you can’t make any money,” concludes CEO Frank Kleppel – a Philips man of 23 years’ standing.

Kleppel knows the entertainment electronics business like the back of his hand. As Marketing Manager he has successfully positioned countless new television sets on the Swiss market for his employer Philips. A native of Germany, it has struck him that “the Swiss prefer verbal communication”, so tend to pick up the phone rather than set out agreements in writing. Kleppel has a few other insights to share with us:

«80 percent of the consumers who buy our TV sets opt for UPC’s TV offering.»

So it was a short step to choosing the key signal provider for Philips television sets to be the company’s own telecommunications partner. Even though, initially, he was advised against UPC. So far, Kleppel has not regretted his decision: “It’s one of the best providers on the market, in terms of bandwidth.” Apart from some teething problems with the virtual telephone exchange everything was perfect.

Kleppel was also impressed by customer support at UPC Business: “We are talking about response times of one to two hours until the relevant department comes back to us. You don’t feel that you are left to muddle through alone. And that’s exactly what I expect of B2B relations.”

The person

A native of Germany, Frank Kleppel is a real Philips veteran. He has worked for the Dutch electronics company for 23 years, many of which based in Switzerland. Before his promotion to CEO of the Swiss sales company, he was Senior Marketing Manager at Philips.

The company

TP Vision Switzerland AG is the Swiss subsidiary of TP Vision Global. The company was founded in April 2012 by a joint venture between the television division of Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) and the Chinese manufacturer TPV.

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