Malware poses an increasing threat to businesses.

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Business Secure Web, based on Cisco Umbrella, automatically blocks Internet connections which could harm your business. Make your Internet access more secure now and for just CHF 10 a month (basic package) subscribe to comprehensive protection against theft or destruction of data and against ransomware.

Effective protection

Business Secure Web protects all Windows PCs and Macs that have an Internet connection from UPC Business. Even laptops being used for working from home or on public WLAN networks benefit from the protection. This service does not affect the Internet speed.

Simple activation

Business Secure Web is activated for you automatically in the background in the cloudat the touch of a button. The only prerequisite for using this service is an Internet connection from UPC Business.

All threatsmonitored

You have control over the settings and manage your users of Business Secure Web by means of a dashboard. All attacks and security-related events are recorded in real time.

Outstanding partner

With Business Secure Web you are using the cloud services of Cisco Umbrella. The security expertise and continuous updates are provided by one of the largest teams of experts for recognising threats: the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group with more than 300 researchers worldwide.


Effective protection against cyberattacks

Simple activation and installation

Protection for PCs and laptops being used from home, in the company network and on the go

No impairment of the Internet speed

Automatic updates, no manual updates are necessary

Real-time reporting

CHF 10.- per month

Basic package for up to 3 users

CHF 3.- per month

Additional users

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* All prices quoted exclusive of VAT. Prices and offers subject to change.


Cybercriminals use websites to steal confidential data (phishing), to spread and install malicious files (malware), and then to manipulate compromised computers (via command and control callbacks). Business Secure Web knows which addresses are dangerous and automatically blocks Internet connections that could harm your company. Before the browser can load dangerous web content or download and install malicious files, the query is blocked and a warning is displayed. This cloud service operates as a first and very effective line of defence on the DNS level and supplements existing classic security solutions such as firewalls, virus protection and VPN.


Reporting in real time, full visibility of all security-related activities in your network (e.g. blocked attacks)

Filtering by time period and threat categories (e.g. phishing)

Export of reports possible

Access to the dashboard via our customer portal mybusiness


The Domain Name System is a fundamental component of the Internet which links a domain name with the associated IP address. When you click on a link or enter an URL in the browser (such as, the DNS query initiates the process of connecting the respective device to the correct server.


How can I benefit from Business Secure Web?

The prerequisite for Business Secure Web is the purchase of a Business Internet or Business Package subscription.

How do I set up Business Secure Web?

Business Secure Web will be automatically activated by UPC Business. You need no additional hardware and you have access to the dashboard via our mybusiness customer portal.

How can the readiness of Business Secure Web be verified?

Via our customer portal you have access to the dashboard, where it is possible to view your Internet activity, the status your Business Secure Web and other interesting details. When using a Roaming Client, you can see the status directly in the toolbar of your device.

How does Business Secure Web work?

Business Secure Web uses the cloud security infrastructure from Cisco. You benefit from the world's leading Internet security technology, the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, without having to make complicated configurations or installations yourself. Business Secure Web will be automatically activated by UPC Business. Your employees install a simple roaming client for immediate protection at home or on the go. If required, the protection can also be activated for the entire customer LAN via simple configuration The intelligent DNS security identifies harmful domains, IPs and URLs and blocks them before they have a chance to attack your network. Business Secure Web thus offers efficient protection against phishing and malware attacks.

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