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Enhance your Business Internet or Package subscription with exclusive options.

Internet Backup

Internet Backup is a simple solution for business users who want to be on the safe side with their Internet connection. If the cable network fails, the cable modem automatically connects to the 4G mobile network. When the cable network is available again, the modem automatically switches back to standard operation.

Your advantages:

Continuous operation of the Internet service

Automatic change between cable and mobile network

Simple installation

CHF 10.- /month

*This option is available for all Business Internet and Business Package subscriptions and can only be used on a modem with a dynamic IP (DHCP).

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Prices and offers subject to change.

Fixed IP addresses

An IP address is a unique identification address assigned to each device which is connected to the Internet. Fixed IP addresses are used, for example, for the operation of your own e-mail and web servers or for remote servers, remote maintenance access or VPN constructs.

Fixed IP address for customers without their own firewall

To set up remote access to a device on your company network (LAN/WLAN), in general a fixed IP address is used. The Sunrise modem with integrated router (WLAN, firewall, DHCP1, NAT) is delivered already configured. You can simply plug your devices (PC, Mac, printer,...) into it (plug and play). No further manual configuration is necessary, except for port forwarding to the respective device. So for customers without their own firewall, exactly one fixed public IP address is available and cannot be extended.

CHF 10.-/month

Fixed IP addresses for customers with an existing firewall on their own network

To set up remote access to the mail server, web server, VPN etc. on your own network, you need one or more fixed IP addresses. You will get a Sunrise modem with fixed IP routing to your own customer firewall. Manual configuration of your network devices is necessary. Devices connected using the modem are thus directly (i.e. always with the same address) accessible with the Internet. If desired, 1-29 fixed LAN IP addresses are available.

From CHF 20.-/month

Business DNS Security

Protect PCs and laptops being used from home, in the corporate network and on the the go against cyber attacks. Business DNS Security, automatically blocks Internet connections which could harm your business. Take advantage of a cloud service: no installation and no maintenance.


Effective protection against cyberattacks

Simple activation

Protection for PCs and laptops being used from home, in the company network and on the go

CHF 10.- /month

Basic package for up to 3 users

CHF 3.- /month

Additional users

WLAN Powerline

The WLAN Powerline Set amplifies the signal over existing powerlines and extends the range of your WLAN. Plug the Powerline adapter into a socket near the cable modem and connect the two devices with a LAN cable. Then plug the extender into a power outlet in the room where you want to receive a stronger signal – and you have a new hotspot. The Business Wifi option is recommended for a significantly higher range over very large areas and several floors.


WLAN range extension

Operation of up to 3 additional hotspots possible

Simple installation (plug & play)

Business Package 300 & 1000

Business Internet 300 & 1000

Business Package 100

Business Internet 100

WLAN Powerline Set*

(1 adapter and 1 extender)

CHF 0.–

CHF 99.–

*WLAN Powerline Set includes 1 adapter and 1 extender.

Business WiFi and Business WiFi

with guest access

If you want to provide WLAN in larger areas and over several floors, additional wireless access points connected to the existing LAN sockets are the ideal solution. They have a significantly higher range and bandwidth performance than the WLAN module in the cable modem. You will receive 2 WLANs with SSIDs and passwords. If required, up to 6 SSIDs can be configured. Public WLAN with guest access is available with the Business WiFi with guest access option.


Scalable and powerful WLAN

Multiple access points can be connected to a large WLAN

Separate sensitive networks and prioritise the bandwidth for performance-linked areas

Business WiFi

Business WiFi with guest access

1 Access Point

CHF 35.–/month

CHF 40.–/month

2 Access Points

CHF 70.–/month

CHF 80.–/month

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