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What is Wi-SUN?

The forward-looking technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about to revolutionise the energy sector, optimise business processes and open up new fields of business. UPC is the first provider in Switzerland to offer the internationally proven Wi-SUN technology. Wireless Smart Utility Networks (Wi-SUN) is a low-cost, energy-efficient and secure communications technology which is particularly suitable for critical infrastructures. Like wireless LAN, it is an established IEEE standard (802.xx), which guarantees the compatibility of all devices used thanks to the Wi-SUN Alliance. Wi-SUN is compatible with over 89 million devices around the world today and has proven itself to be a forward-looking solution.


Benefits of Wi-SUN:

A powerful, safe and energy efficient technology


Mesh network

Wi-SUN uses a mesh network, while alternative technologies such as LoRo WAN and NB-IoT are based on networks using star topology.

Mesh networks allow for numerous redundant and short routes, so that outages are drastically reduced.

Shorter transmission paths also make them more energy efficient.


High bandwidth, low latency

Consistently high data transfer rates up to 300 Kbps bandwidth (6x faster than LoRa).

Latency time of 0.02 seconds.



The device identity is based on the IEEE 802.1AR specifications.

Certificate-based authentification, including secure, long-lasting IDevID (birth certificates) as well as short-lived LDevID.

Device-hardening, non-exportable key with security chip or PUF (Physically Unclonable Functions).

Encoding on the network level for WAN with IPSec (Internet Protocol Security).



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