Network security starts within your LAN

Let us manage your LAN

Increased efficiency, reliability and economy

Enterprise Local Area Networks (LANs) can get complex and risky to manage with the constant rising security threads. Imagine you could get around this complexity while keeping your network reliability and security threads at its best. Network security starts within your LAN as advanced threats are methodically evading security controls and causing major data breaches.


Why Managed-LAN with UPC and Kapsch?

Our approach is to cover every aspect relating to your enterprise LAN. This includes planning, implementation, migration, monitoring, performance optimizations, maintenance and comprehensive security services. Our security intelligence and analytics technologies greatly improve detection before major damage can be done. No matter how complex your needs are, together with our partner Kapsch, we provide the single source of expertise and experience.


Deployment options

No matter how complex your needs are, our Managed LAN services are tailored to your LAN/WLAN and security requirements


Highest Security Level

State of the art security intelligence and analytics technologies.


Professional expertise

Take advantage of expertise and experience


Security and Performance Monitoring

Ongoing network security and performance management and monitoring


Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting features that provide information about usage, performance, security and capacity

Seamless view with a single global relationship


Increased efficiency, reliability and economy

Predictable costs, improved audit and regulatory compliance


Managed-LAN features

Our Managed LAN Service ensures high network availability and performance.
This means you can redirect budget and resources to more strategic initiatives.


The UPC managed service includes everything in performance monitoring and reporting, which keeps your business in optimal shape.



UPC monitors your network’s performance remotely and alert you or your nominated resolver third party immediately, if we detect any issues.



Our UPC System infrastructure can be extended and adapted at any time to account for technological innovation or customer-specific business requirements.



An individual, isolate network enables your enterprise to share and exchange highly sensible date within a save environment.



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