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Offer your employees, customers, partners or guests professional and secure access to the Internet or the internal LAN. Receive Network Services flexibly from a single source and leave the operation and monitoring to us – so that you can concentrate on your core business.


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Advantages of Network Services

The Security, LAN and WiFi services guarantee that your entire local network infrastructure is up-to-date at all times in terms of technology, performance and security.

Security Services

The advanced security services protect your corporate network from unauthorised access. In addition, data traffic analysis provides a detailed overview of how your applications are being used. Find out more at «Additional information»


LAN Services

These services include managed 8- and 24-port LAN switches with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE). The LAN switches offer you 10/100/1000 copper ports as well as «glass fibre optic gigabit Ethernet uplink» ports.


WiFi Services

The WiFi services allow you to operate a professional, high-performing wireless LAN infrastructure. This can be used internally and if needed also publicly, for example in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and schools.


High flexibility

Your communications infrastructure is managed professionally around the clock and is always kept up to date. New locations and remote workplaces can be integrated into your existing network quickly and easily.



Thanks to a web-based customer portal you have a seamless overview of the use of your network at all times. The costs are predictable and are billed transparently each month.


Standard Features

Included in your Business Network Service


UPC Business Network Services

Management by our local support team in the respective national language


Web-based customer portal for reporting and information management


Managed life cycle service for security patches, software updates and hardware (if required)


On-site installation by staff certified by UPC Business. The customer supplies all necessary information in advance


WiFi service range

Up to 100 users

Security Services: Number of predefined VLANs


LAN Services: Number of IT users (benchmark)


Additional functions

The three core components (security, LAN and WiFi services) can be used in combination or individually and scaled at will – according to your specific requirements. For comprehensive security and transparency, as well as greater peace of mind, we recommend a personal consultation.

Intrusion Prevention System

Want to safeguard your network from viruses and block unwanted content? Then expand your security service with the highly effective, complete antivirus software «Intrusion Prevention»  and a needs-based content filter.


Transparency with «traffic shaping»

You can analyse the usage of each individual user. Furthermore, thanks to «traffic shaping» bandwidth limits can be defined for individual clients or entire user groups.


WiFi Services 

Large-scale events (outdoor and indoor) or even a campus can optionally be equipped with their own power supply. Already included here as well is traffic analysis, a company Splash page and a redirect URL.


Business Ethernet

Connect multiple locations with one another:
safely, quickly and easily.

This is a virtual Ethernet connection (Virtual Private Wire Service) to connect locations with one another. This is extremely secure and can be expanded at any time. Depending on the bandwidth, one or multiple Ethernet connections can be terminated.

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