Business Internet

Ultra-fast Internet for self-employed

people and small businesses.


In UPC’s network, Internet now comes with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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In addition to an ultra-fast Internet connection for small businesses and self-employed people, there are many business extras: professional hardware, round-the-clock technical support and options such as a fixed IP address or Internet backup. From CHF 59 per month – including Basic TV with 80 channels. The right Business Mobile subscription comes with a 20% discount.

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High-speed Internet

With UPC Business you get the fastest Internet with up to 1 gigabit per second throughout Switzerland. Including business extras.

Professional hardware

As a business customer of UPC Business, we will make the powerful Hitron modem available to you at no charge. It leaves nothing more to be desired in terms of configurability and connection options. You can also benefit from a better connection thanks to optimised WLAN.

Business options

Add exclusive options to your Business Internet subscription: With Internet Backup for CHF 10 per month, you are optimally protected against Internet failures in the cable network. Other options: Business Wifi for reliable coverage, Business Wifi with separate guest access, fixed IP addresses, WLAN powerline.

Combine to save money

Combine your Business Package subscription with our flexible Business Mobile subscriptions for Switzerland and Europe. The advantage for you: You receive all services from a single source and benefit from a 20% discount on the monthly basic fee of your Mobile subscription.

Fixed IP addresses

Fixed IP addresses are required for the operation of your own e-mail or web servers and other applications. With every Business Package subscription you can choose to add fixed IP addresses. The IP range can be extended to up to 29 IP addresses.

Business Support

We ensure a smooth transition from your current provider to UPC. We will take over the installation at your site. As a business customer, you will be supported by our Business Support Team in Switzerland. If you have any technical questions, we are there for you around the clock.


Only online free installation + activation: save CHF 268.- 1


  1 Gbit/s

  100 Mbit/s

Fixed IP 

1 fixed IP address
For CHF 20/month

Business Digital TV 

150 channels

free for 12 months 2


CHF 99.-/month

  300 Mbit/s

  30 Mbit/s

Fixed IP 

1 fixed IP address
For CHF 20/month

Business Digital TV 

150 channels

free for 12 months 2


CHF 79.-/month

  100 Mbit/s

  10 Mbit/s

Fixed IP 

1 fixed IP address
For CHF 20/month

Business Digital TV 

150 channels

free for 12 months 2


CHF 59.-/month


All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Prices and offers subject to change. Minimum contract period 1 year.

* Availability may be limited in some partner networks. All speeds are «best effort».

1 When you order via the website, we will waive the activation fee of CHF 69 and the installation fee of CHF 199 (CHF 268 in total).

2 Offer conditions: The offer is valid for the basic fees (12 × CHF 0.-/Mt. instead of CHF 8.50/Mt. excl. VAT) and the one-time costs for the hardware (Mediabox: CHF 0.- instead of CHF 120.-; DigiCard: CHF 0.- instead of CHF 60.-, in each case excl. VAT). Copyright fees and any local taxes can be billed to you. The offer is only valid for one Digital TV subscription per customer.


High configurability:

•        Freely configurable LAN-IP range

•        Firewall, DHCP router and DNS server can be configured in a variety of ways

Optimum WLAN quality:

•        Cable router with WLAN function (Dual Band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)

•        Better connection thanks to optimised WLAN

•        Separate guest WLAN network

Versatile connection options:

•        Connection port for an Internet backup stick (up to 300/30 Mbit/s)

•        4 gigabit LAN ports for connecting multiple computers, switches, SIP telephones, etc.


Check now which
bandwidths are available
at your address.



Call 0800 900 290
or request a consultation.


Internet and Mobile for your start-up

Switch to high speed for your start-up and benefit
from our special offer for new companies.


Can a free Ethernet port be used at the modem?

  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor) provides you with all 4 ports and 100 WLAN ports. You can follow the simple instructions to set up the WLAN yourself.
  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925) does not provide these ports. These ports are reserved for UPC Business service extensions in telephony.

Can the modem be used as a router?

  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor) allows you to use all 4 ports and the WLAN (100 ports) and gives you complete access to the modem. The modem can also be used in bridge mode if you would like to use your own router.
  • You need your own router with a firewall for Business Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925) because these functions are deactivated on the modem. If you run your own server, this allows you to keep your infrastructure with a firewall and router.

Can I get a router from UPC Business?

  • UPC Business does not offer its own routers. Ideally you should ask your LAN provider to supply you with a suitable router or purchase one at a specialist retailer.

Do I need a separate WLAN router if I want to set up a WLAN connection?

  • The WLAN router is already included in the modem with Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor).
  • You require your own WLAN router with a firewall function for Business Internet Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925).

Limited geographical availability. If the cable connection is billed for by a UPC partner network, this will be taken into account in the form of a credit note. All speeds are «best effort». Prices and offers subject to change.

Usage of “Flatrate Swiss Fix and Mobile” and “Flatrate Global Fix and Swiss Mobile” is designed for standard use of the connections by small companies. If usage deviates considerably from standard use or if there are indications that the connection is being used for special purposes (e.g. machine-machine, direct dialling or continuous connections, video telephony, call centre services, permanent monitoring services or extensive analogue data transmission), UPC reserves the right to suspend the service at any time, to restrict it or to take another suitable measure.