Business Internet

UPC’s national network is connected to the global Internet redundantly in Zurich and Geneva. This means that UPC Business can guarantee the highest availability and maximum performance. Depending on customer needs and available access technology, UPC’s IP backbone is connected via a fibre optic, copper or coax cable.

Service bandwidths of 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps

UPC is a T1 carrier (international)

Service availabilities of up to 99.95%

Your advantages

Whether SME or international corporation – we offer your company

the fastest and most secure Internet connection in Switzerland.

Many different redundancy concepts

The multi-platform/access infrastructures and geo-redundant (physically independent) connections from UPC offer a large selection of redundancy concepts, which guarantee maximum availabilities.

Support for IPv6

Based on a dual stack implementation, Business Internet supports the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, so that the path to the future is open for you.

Voice prioritisation

The Business Internet infrastructure offers QoS mechanisms which prioritise voice traffic, so that you can combine this product optimally with the Business Voice products from UPC.

Service from A to Z

The Business Internet service comprises the configuration, installation, operation and maintenance of the necessary hardware and software on the customer premises equipment (CPE).

Combine services for greater flexibility

Business Internet with symmetrical bandwidths can be combined with transport services such as Business VPN or Business Ethernet, or expanded with IP Transit or Multihoming from UPC Business.

Standard features


Available bandwidths

1 Mbit/s - 10 Gbit/s

Bandwith guarantee

symmetrically guaranteed

Redundancy capability

Additional IP addresses

up to 64 fixed IP addresses

DDoS for maximum security against attacks

Network connection

Fibre optic, DSL, HFC/DOCSIS


Available bandwiths


Up/downstream bandwidth

Business Internet Symmetric 2/2

2 Mbit/s / 2 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 4/4

4 Mbit/s / 4 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 6/6

6 Mbit/s / 6 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 8/8

8 Mbit/s / 8 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 10/10

10 Mbit/s / 10 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 100/100

100 Mbit/s / 100 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 1000/1000

1000 Mbit/s / 1000 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric10000/10000

10000 Mbit/s / 10000 Mbit/s

More than just Internet

Whether a new or already existing network - we have the solution for you.

DDoS protection service

During an attack, the malicious data traffic is automatically separated from the normal data traffic, so that this continues to reach the required destination.

Business VPN

UPC Business connects branch offices via a managed private VPN and makes sure that your data is available anywhere and at any time.

IP adresses to meet your needs

16 fixed IP addresses, 13 of which are freely available (/28)

32 fixed IP addresses, 29 of which are freely available (/27)

64 fixed IP addresses, 61 of which are freely available (/26)

Service and support

The product includes the “Bronze” service level, i.e. fault acceptance is guaranteed 24/7, 365 days a year, guaranteeing an annual availability rate of 99.8%, max. 8 hours’ downtime during support hours. That’s not enough for you? Then you can switch to our higher service levels at any time.

DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection Service protects

your network from attacks.

Business VPN

The secure and reliable company network.

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