Business VPN

The Business VPN (Virtual Private Network) service forms the core of your private company network. With the Business VPN service, your locations achieve an any-to-any network connectivity; this means that the various locations can communicate directly with each other without having to redirect the connections through a central location.

Secure redundancy concepts via own backbones

Guaranteed performance (uplink/downlink)

From small to large bandwidths

Your advantages

The company network for high standards.

Qualitative transmission

The VPN connection allows locations to work together by accessing the same data and programs.

Bandwidths for your requirements

Connection of your locations to the UPC backbone takes place by means of a connection with service bandwidths from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s (depending on availability).

Prioritisation of data packages

Your data traffic can be segregated into different traffic categories and treated with different levels of priority in case of high network loads.

Bronze Service Level includes

An annual availability rate of 99.8%, max. 8 hours downtime during support hours (5 x 11: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm.). For a higher level of service, our other options are available to you.

Redundancy for greater security

Your locations can be connected with either a single or a redundant connection. Redundancy can be achieved using different access technologies. Alternatively, data traffic can be routed via a central hub, in which case your IP addressing is taken over by the Business VPN Service.

Dedicated line for more security

Higher level of security thanks to a dedicated, private IP connection (for 100% private usage).

Options for your Business VPN

Options for even more performance and service

For confidential data - Business Secure VPN

Business Secure VPN enables an even higher security standard with encrypted data according to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and a key length of 128 bits.

Service from A to Z

Includes configuration and installation as well as operation and maintenance of the hardware and software on the network terminating units (CPEs). Service levels may be selected entirely according to your individual needs.

Class of Service (CoS)

A maximum of 4 service classes (Voice, Business, Economy and Basic) for prioritising your data

Connecting further VPNs

Multiple VPNs can be activated on the same connection.

Many different redundancy concepts

The multi-platform/access infrastructures and geo-redundant (physically independent) connections from UPC offer a large selection of redundancy concepts, which guarantee maximum availabilities.

Business VPN and Business Secure VPN in comparison


Business VPN

Business Secure VPN

Guaranteed quality of applications thanks to QoS (Quality of Service)

Wide range of options for redundancy of the connection

Ideal for banks, insurance companies or businesses which handle highly sensitive data as their core business

Dedicated network resources to connect your locations

Switzerland-wide availability

Secrecy of your internal company data thanks to encrypted transmission Takes place automatically with key management and key renewal via the key server

Business Internet

The professional Internet connection with maximum availability and best performance.

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What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, in short VPN, refers to a private network in a protected environment which connects company locations with one another, so that they can access shared data and programs. In the case of a VPN, dedicated network resources are allocated to the customer.

Why SecureVPN?

The data transfer is encrypted via SecureVPN, which guarantees the secrecy of the data.

Is reliable access guaranteed?

UPC Business has a large selection of possible redundancy concepts – tailored to your individual needs – that offer maximum availability.

What encryption is required?

The data is encrypted in accordance with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with an encryption strength of 128 bits. The key is changed automatically every few hours by the Key Server.

What bandwith is possible with VPN?

UPC Business allows connections with symmetrical bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit/s. For optimal bandwidth use, UPC Business offers up to four classes of service (CoS).

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