„We are doing everything necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide you with our Internet, Phone, Mobile and TV services in top quality.“

Marco Quinter, Managing Director Business Services

Due to numerous enquiries, we would like to give you an update here about our measures in connection with the coronavirus. Our primary focus is currently on continuity of our business activities. Now more than ever, our customers are dependent on stable communications infrastructures. We are doing everything necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide you with our Internet, Phone, Mobile and TV services in top quality.

Due to the extraordinary situation, our parent company, Liberty Global, has decided to implement several preventive measures across the entire company. All measures have been introduced in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO and the Federal Office of Public Health, FOPH.


Our plans for business continuity are constantly being adapted to reflect the external circumstances, so that we can react quickly and flexibly to the extremely dynamic developments. The UPC crisis team has been activated and a coronavirus task force has been established. The task force is responsible for the entire coordination, planning and control of the various measures, and reports directly to the CEO. The entire management as well as the Risk and Compliance departments are represented in the task force. We are closely following the Swiss authorities’ decisions and monitoring all critical processes and suppliers in order to ensure business continuity. In addition, we have taken rigorous measures to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners.


Establishing and expanding “home office” solutions is the challenge of the hour for many of those responsible for IT. We will help you with all means available to cover the needs of your teams for working from home (bandwidth and voice upgrades).

Our account and service managers will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

Our Service Delivery Team will contact you to discuss the feasibility of carrying out all already planned on-site assignments and installations.

We are doing everything in our power to support our customers in these difficult times. If you have payment difficulties as a result of this exceptional situation, our Helpline will be happy to help you with questions and solutions on 0583887950.


Our network infrastructure is 100% capable and has plenty of reserves and network capacity. We are at all times in a position to handle peak loads and to cover the increasing performance requirements.


Unfortunately we are unable to individually answer all your enquiries that have arisen from the current extraordinary situation. However, UPC Business will continue to inform you regularly of the current measures. Please also consult our website regularly. For specific questions we ask that you get in touch with your contact person.

Communication is a particularly valuable resource in times like these. We are taking care to handle it responsibly and we thank you for your trust. Together, we will master this exceptional challenge


Employee behaviour

  • • All employees have been instructed to strictly follow the officially decreed measures. Management ensures the appropriate flow of information.

  • • The technical employees and sales staff are questioned systematically and only admitted to service when it can be verified that there is no health risk for our customers.

  • • The employees still working at UPC premises have been instructed to comply with the applicable rules for hygiene and social distancing, and to avoid public transportation if at all possible. We have rented additional parking spaces to assist in this.

  • • Until further notice, no business trips are allowed. Absolutely essential trips must be approved by the CEO or the CFO (on a case-by-case basis).

  • • No face-to-face meetings are held. All meetings now only take place via telephone and video conferences.


• Cleaning of the UPC office premises has been expanded and intensified.

Network operation and working from home

• To ensure the stability of our network and our platforms, we have decreed a network and IT change freeze until further notice. However, project-specific activities for our business customers are still possible (see above).

• Over the last two weeks, step by step we have increased the proportion of our employees working from home. All employees have been given the technical equipment they need to be able to work from home. By now, “home office” is being used by more than 90% of our employees.

• The stability of our ICT infrastructure for use in “home office” operations is continually monitored to ensure that it is possible at all times for our employees to work from home.

All critical processes are evaluated daily with the greatest care. When necessary, the measures are immediately adapted and intensified.