How can I activate additional options for my existing Mobile subscription?

Additional options can be ordered directly via the Mobile Portal or by calling 0800 858 575.

Is Wifi Calling supported?



How can I block my SIM card?

In the Admin Portal you can block your SIM card at any time yourself, or contact our customer service (0800 678 105) to have this done for you.

How can I see if an ordered option has been activated?

After ordering an option, you will receive a confirmation SMS. If this is not the case, please contact us on 0800 858 575.

How can I see when the option is used up?

When the option has been exhausted, you will receive an SMS to confirm consumption of the option. You also receive a status SMS at 80% consumption.

How do I configure my mobile phone?

Most mobile phones will already be pre-configured for using data services. If not, you will automatically receive the settings via a message shortly after you have activated your SIM card. What remains is to open the message and apply these settings; for Apple devices, simply follow the instructions in the message.

To configure your mobile device manually, please use the following settings for the relevant service:

Mobile data use:

  • - Name: upcnet

  • - APN:

  • - User name: “leave empty”

  • - Password: “leave empty”


  • - Information centre number in Switzerland: +41 784 090 35 00

  • - Information number centre abroad: +32 475 000 731 5600

More information on manually configuring your mobile phone can be found in the user guide of your mobile phone.

You can find more information concerning the configuration of your mobile device for mobile data use abroad under the question “How do I configure my mobile device for mobile data use abroad?”.

Setup of your mobile voicemail box

All customers are provided with a voicemail box by default. This means that in the case the line is busy, when you do not answer the phone or when you are unreachable, callers are diverted to your voicemail box.

To allow or to prevent callers from being able to leave you a voicemail message, you will need to do the following:

  • - dial 0041 86 followed by your mobile number (If, for example, your mobile number is 078 xxx xx xx, dial 0041 86 078 xxx xx xx to access your voicemail box.)

To activate/deactivate you voicemail box follow the following steps:

  • - select menu option 3 to change your mailbox settings

  • - select menu option 4 to activate or deactivate your voicemail box

What is the difference between the SIM cards?

Three different SIM card formats are available to you: micro, mini and nano. The three SIM cards differ in size and are all included in our 3-in-1 SIM:

The format you require depends on your mobile phone. Please check the technical data of your mobile phone to see which SIM card is suitable for your mobile phone.

You can request a new SIM card in the Admin Portal.

Wi-Fi Calling

Call I also use WiFi Calling abroad?

WiFi Calling can only be used with Wi-Fi networks within Switzerland. Roaming is not currently possible.

Can I make emergency calls via Wi-Fi Calling?

No, emergency calls to 112, 117, 118, 143, 144, 148 are not possible with WiFi Calling. The mobile phone will automatically switch to the mobile network when an emergency number is dialled, if there is reception. In an emergency, use the fixed network or mobile network.

How can I activate Wi-Fi Calling on my Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+?

Turn on Wi-Fi Calling in Settings–>Call Settings–>Wi-Fi Calling. To do this, you must have the most current system software installed on your device.

How can I activate WiFi Calling on my iPhone?

Turn on Wi-Fi calling in Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling. The requirement for WiFi Calling is an iPhone 5 or newer, plus at least iOS 11.2

How can I tell whether a call is being made using WiFi Calling or via the mobile network?

iPhone: «Wi-Fi» is shown in the notification bar

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+: The Wi-Fi Calling indicator (telephone receiver combined with Wi-Fi symbol) is shown in the notification bar and next to the call duration during the call.

How will WiFi Calling be billed?

Telephone services (telephony, SMS) will be billed at the same rate that they would be if they were conducted via the mobile network.

What happens if I leave the Wi-Fi range while making a call?

If you lose your Wi-Fi coverage during a phone call, the call will be interrupted.

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling allows you to make calls via the Wi-Fi network. You can make or receive a phone call if you have a Wi-Fi connection in an area with little or no cellular coverage.

Which mobile phones support Wi-Fi Calling?

* iPhone 5 or newer (at least iOS 11.2)
* Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ (most current system software)

Which services are possible with Wi-Fi Calling?

The following services still work when your mobile phone is logged in for Wi-Fi Calling: call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, voicemail box, provided that they are also activated for calls via the mobile network.

Will WiFi Calling be activated automatically?

If WiFi Calling is activated on your mobile device and a Wi-Fi network with sufficient reception strength is available nearby, calls will automatically be placed via WiFi Calling. The requirement for this is that you have registered on the Wi-Fi network.

Data credit

How can I see when the data credit has been used up?

If all of your available data credit has been used up (100% consumption), you will be informed by SMS. You will also receive an SMS at 80% data consumption. These text messages are activated as standard.

What happens if I have used up the data allowances?

If you have used up all your data allowance, then you will continue to surf free of charge at reduced speed (up to 128 kbit/s) within Switzerland. If you are abroad, then further data use will be billed according to the normal prices. The normal data tariff for the EU is just CHF 0.28/MB.

However, you can also activate one of our attractive data options (valid for Switzerland and EU) at any time in the Admin Portal or by calling our customer service if you wish to continue surfing the cost-effective way. When the new month starts, you will receive your included data again and can use this.

Mobile ID

01. What is Mobile ID?

With Mobile ID you can register simply and securely on e-Banking portals (eg. PostFinance) as well and other private or public web portals. With Mobile ID you do not need any additional devices or apps , just a mobile phone with a SIM card which is compatible with Mobile ID.

02. What are the requirements for the Mobile ID?

Mobile ID is supported by all modern mobile phones. However, they require a SIM card from the newest generation which supports Mobile ID. Here you can see whether your SIM card Mobile ID is ready. To do this simply click on “test Mobile ID”

03. How do I activate my Mobile ID SIM card?

To activate your Mobile ID SIM- card please visit the website and follow the instructions.

04. I have a new mobile phone. Do I have to register for Mobile ID again?

No, Mobile ID is integrated into the SIM card, not into the mobile phone. Mobile ID is automatically activated on the new mobile phone as soon as the SIM has been inserted.

05. I have forgotten my Mobile ID PIN or have had it blocked

Simply get a new PIN at


How do I configure my mobile phone for mobile data use abroad?

To be able to use data services abroad, your mobile phone must be correctly configured.

So that we can offer you a perfect roaming experience, we work together with our roaming partner Proximus. For this reason, it may be the case when you are abroad that your mobile phone either displays the settings of our roaming partner (e.g. in the APN list) or asks you to select a mobile provider. In the second case, simply select our roaming partner Proximus. In all other cases, it should not be necessary to change any further settings so that you can use your mobile phone abroad.

For information on how to configure other mobile phones, please consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual. In doing so, use the parameters listed below to configure a so-called APN (Access Point Name). You will need this for roaming.

Parameters for data use abroad:


upcnet roaming


MCC (if required):


MNC (if required):


This APN setting is not visible while in Switzerland and therefore disappears when saved. Once you are abroad the APN setting will reappear, allowing you to manually activate it if necessary. If you have already configured an APN yourself in the past, you may need to do this again after 1 November 2015. Use the settings provided above for this.

Important: To be able to use data services abroad, the data roaming option in your mobile phone menu must be activated.

What do I need to do to use my mobile phone abroad (roaming)?

To use your mobile subscription abroad, you do not need to do anything. Your mobile subscription is available to you abroad as it would be in Switzerland. However, it might be worthwhile having a look at the question “How do I configure my mobile phone for mobile data use abroad?” for more information on using mobile data while being abroad.

It should be noted that the use of the international dialing code is required to make calls while being abroad, apart from calls to Switzerland. For example, while being abroad and calling the German number 0xxxx xxxxxx, you should use the international dialing code +49 without the leading zero of the number: +49 xxxx xxxxxx.

The costs to use your subscription abroad are generally much higher than the cost of using it in Switzerland. By default, you will be automatically informed via SMS about the costs once your mobile phone connects to a foreign mobile network.

So that we can offer you a perfect roaming experience, we work together with our roaming partner Proximus. For this reason, it may be the case when you are abroad that your mobile phone either displays the settings of our roaming partner (e.g. in the APN list) or asks you to select a mobile provider. In the second case, simply select our roaming partner Proximus. In all other cases, it should not be necessary to change any further settings so that you can use your mobile phone abroad.

Call number porting

How can I keep my mobile number?

If you wish to retain your current mobile number from your current mobile telephony provider, please indicate this when ordering the UPC mobile subscription. We will process your request free of charge. The number portability procedure depends on whether you have a post-paid or prepaid mobile subscription with your current mobile telephony provider.


  • - If you currently have a post-paid mobile subscription, you will receive a number portability form (POA). Please return the signed form to the address indicated on the form. Once your request has been approved, your mobile number will be transferred to UPC. Please observe the period of notice stipulated by your current provider to avoid any additional costs.


  • - If you currently have a prepaid mobile subscription, you can indicate your change of provider by sending an SMS with the word “Yes” (without quotation marks) to the shortcode 499. You will then receive a confirmation SMS.

  • - Please note that you may lose any prepaid credits still available as soon as your mobile number is transferred to UPC. We therefore advise you to use your prepaid credits still available before your mobile number is transferred.

If you already have a mobile subscription with UPC and did not indicate when ordering that you wanted to retain your previous mobile number from your current mobile telephony provider, you can nevertheless submit your request to us afterwards. To do so, please contact customer service.

As soon as your current provider has confirmed the porting of your current phone number, you will receive an SMS with the exact porting date. This SMS will be sent to you on your current mobile number with your current mobile telephony provider.

Should your request be refused, you will automatically be informed by letter and we will send you the necessary instructions to solve the problem.

Mobile network

Do I need to set up my phone again, e.g. mailbox?

No, all settings saved on your mobile phone will be kept.

Do I now need a new subscription?

No, your existing subscription from UPC Business including any options will remain valid on the same terms. You can continue to use your telephone as normal.

How can I see which network I am using?

You will not see any change. Since you are still a UPC Business customer, the network name displayed on your mobile phone is still “upc ch”.

What changes will there be for me?

There will be no impact for you, apart from the fact that you will be connected to the Swisscom network after the switchover.

What do I need to do if I can no longer make calls or browse the web?

Please contact our Support Team on +41 800 858 575.

What will happen on the 2nd of April 2019?

Since the 8th of January 2019 UPC Mobile customers had the opportunity to connect to both networks Swisscom and Salt (previous network), with Swisscom being the preferred network. Starting from the 2ndof April 2019, the Salt network will not be accessible anymore.

What does that mean?

The majority of UPC Mobile customers will not be affected by this operation since they are already using the Swisscom network. However, customers having selected the Salt network manually on their device will no longer have any mobile services from the 2ndof April 2019.

What shall I do?

  • * If your «network selection» is set on «automatic» on your mobile device, you don’t need to do anything.

  • * If your «network selection» is set on «manual», please follow below instructions while you are in Switzerland:

    • - Go to «manual network selection»

    • - Look at the list of possible networks

    • - If you see «Salt» and «upc ch», select «upc ch»

    • - If you see «Swisscom» and «upc ch», select Swisscom

This step assures that you are migrated successfully to the new network and that there is no loss of mobile services.

In case of questions please contact our customer service on the free number +41 800 858 575.

Will Wi-Fi Calling still be offered?

Yes, Wi-Fi Calling will also be possible in the future – without an app.

Any other questions?

Contact us directly.

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