Business Digital TV

How can I receive digital channels?

In order to receive UPC Business’s digital package, all you need is a cable connection, an aerial cable and a TV set. No Mediabox is required if your TV set has a CI+ module If you don’t automatically receive the digital channels, please carry out a digital channel scan as described in the manual for your TV set.

How do I check if my television set is equipped with a DVB-C receiver and a CI+ module?

A sticker on the TV set and/or the operating instructions for the TV set will provide information.

How do I perform a channel search on the HD Mediabox Receiver?

The HD Mediabox receiver automatically carries out a channel search when the available channels have changed.
In the event that the automatic channel search does not work overnight, please follow these instructions:
1. Unplug the Mediabox power cable.
2. Wait at least 10 seconds and connect the power cable again.
3. This causes an automatic channel search to start, and afterwards the updated channel listings are available.

How do I run a station search with the Digicard?

Please carry out the following steps in order to receive the updated range of channels:
1. Start a digital channel search.
Select quick search or channel list update. This is generally found using the” Menu” button on your remote control. If anything is unclear, please consult the user guide for your TV set.
2. If necessary, enter your code for receiving digital TV. You will find your installation code here: id
3. The updated channel listings are now available.
Check your list of favourites and reprogramme if necessary.
If the process described does not work, please proceed as follows:
1. Take the DigiCard including the module out of your TV set.
2. Restore the TV set to the factory settings.
3. Run a digital channel scan.
4. After completing the channel search, insert the DigiCard including the module into your TV set again.
Please note that the channel search can take up to 30 minutes.

What will happen if I use the DigiCard in a CI TV that is not suitable for CI+?

As the DigiCard is based on CI+ technology, it is not possible to use it in a terminal that is purely for CI. UPC has declared numerous TV sets suitable for CI+. Check compatibility here. If your device is not listed, the relevant information may be in the instruction manual for your TV set.

Which TV channels can I receive?

You can download an overview of all TV channels here.

TV over IP

Is there a list of all TV over IP channels?

Yes, you can download an overview here.

What possibilities do TV over IP services offer?

You can download a fact sheet with all of the possibilities that TV over IP offers here.

User guides

Quick digital television installation guide

Installation code for TV reception

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