Nationwide network coverage

With us, the last mile is everywhere

UPC Business has its own sophisticated network covering all of Switzerland. This allows us to take the last mile even to remote locations away from the major urban centres. We don’t just ensure the basic services – we also deliver high-quality network connectivity and innovative ICT solutions for businesses throughout Switzerland. To keep your business running smoothly – no matter where you are.

Optimal coverage in cities and villages alike

Whether in Zurich or Disentis – the business requirements of a modern ICT infrastructure are the same everywhere. High availability, data security and future expansion options are expected by businesses of all sizes and sectors when it comes to ensuring smooth operations. So UPC Business has expanded its own network continuously over the years and is now able to offer modern communication products – not only in major Swiss cities and towns but also in areas outside the metropolitan areas.

Our nationwide network coverage is ensured by a sophisticated network, which brings both proven copper technology and modern fiber optic connections to your home over the last mile. It doesn’t matter where your company is based: UPC Business provides the necessary connections and products for a variety of applications – from regular cloud backups to security-critical data centre services.

Products for network coverage across Switzerland


Benefit from super-fast speeds and send huge data volumes at lightning speed.

Internet Symmetric

The symmetrical bandwidth ensures maximum upload/download speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.

IP Transit

Business IP Transit services by UPC Business are tailored to the needs of large companies that use their own autonomous system (AS).


3G Mobile Internet Services via GSM/UMTS with SIM card for notebooks, USB stick (dongle) or PC Express card with integrated modem.

Network Services

Installation, operation and monitoring of your local network infrastructure at all your locations throughout Switzerland.

Cloud Computing

MOUNT10 ensures the fully automatic and highly secure transfer of daily changes to your data stock to the SWISS FORT KNOX in the Swiss Alps.

Corporate Network

Your data can always be accessed quickly, securely and reliably. A well-designed, efficient network with stable data lines. 



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Prices displayed do not include VAT.

The prerequisite for an Internet, telephone or Digital TV connection is a return path-compatible cable connection from UPC or one of our partner networks. In leasing contracts, the costs of this connection (generally CHF 36.90 per month) are mostly contained in the additional costs.