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Internet Fiber Power


1000 Mbit/s

Basic TV


CHF 99.-/month

Can also be combined with

Business Mobile Free

from CHF 22/month

Internet Fiber Power


500 / 50 Mbit/s

Basic TV

CHF 89.-/month

Can also be combined with

Business Mobile Free

from CHF 22/month

Internet Fiber Power


200 / 20 Mbit/s

Basic TV

CHF 79.-/month

Can also be combined with

Business Mobile Free

from CHF 22/month

Internet Fiber Power


50 / 5 Mbit/s

Basic TV

CHF 59.-/month

Can also be combined with

Business Mobile Free

from CHF 22/month


All prices are exclusive of VAT. Products and prices subject to change. Minimum contract term 1 year.

* For more Details please refer to the FAQs «How can I claim the bonus of “up to CHF 1,000”?»

Combine & Save

Are you in the process of founding your own company, are you a co-founder or do you already have a start-up? Combine a high-speed Business Internet Fiber Power package with the new Business Mobile Free offer and benefit from our attractive discounts for your start-up. You will get a super-fast Internet connection and unlimited telephony and texts to all Swiss networks – and all EU countries, too.


What is included in the start-up product and how can I sign up?

The basic offer consists of Business Internet, which is available in four different variations depending on local availability. The following maximum download speeds are available: 50, 200, 500 and 1,000 Mbits/s. The Internet product can be combined quickly and easily with a Business Mobile Free subscription, which we will also reward with an additional discount of CHF 10 per month.

Who is eligible to purchase the UPC start-up product?

Any company whose entry in the commercial register is not older than 24 months and who also has a valid UID (enterprise identification number) can benefit from our start-up product. 

How can I claim the bonus of “up to CHF 1,000”?

You can save up to CHF 1,000 with this offer, which is especially helpful for start-ups. Below you can find a sample calculation that shows how you can achieve these savings:


Calculation example for Start-Up Internet 500

Standard price for Business Internet 500

CHF 119.-/month

minus start-up discount

- CHF 30.-/month

One-off credit note for activation

+ CHF 0.- (instead of CHF 69.-)

One-off credit note for installation costs

+ CHF 0.- (instead of CHF 199.-)

Free modem

+ CHF 0.- (instead of CHF 100.-)

= Price for Start-Up Internet 500

= CHF 89.-/month


Save even more with Mobile Free S

Standard price for Business Mobile Free S, incl. three SIM cards

+ CHF 96.-/month

Minus Combine & Save discount for Mobile subscription

- CHF 10.-/month

Minus volume discount on 3 or more SIM cards

- CHF 15.-/month

= Business Mobile Free S incl. three SIM cards and discount

= CHF 71.-/month

Saving in the first year: CHF 1'028.-
Savings in the following years: CHF 660.-

Which Internet subscription is the best option for my start-up?

The Internet subscription you need varies depending on your field of activity and number of staff. The general rule is that the higher the Internet speed, the quicker data can be uploaded and downloaded. Moreover, a high bandwidth also ensures faster browsing – even in a large team. We offer Internet packages that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your start-up.

For specialists

For creatives

For commercial people

For practical people

Ideal for a networked workplace with the highest demands.

Includes fibre optic network.

Ideal for exchanging high-resolution videos, presentations or graphics.

Suitable for transferring data, Internet research and accessing e-mail.

Suitable for daily browsing and accessing e-mail.

Business Internet
Fiber Power 1000 (fibre optic)

Business Internet
Fiber Power 500

Business Internet
Fiber Power 200

Business Internet
Fiber Power 50

Regardless of which Internet package you choose, the speed at which you browse can vary. The following factors also play a role here:

  • Hardware used
  • Connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Software used
  • Distance to the splitter


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Limited geographical availability. If the cable connection is billed for by a UPC partner network, this will be taken into account in the form of a credit note. All speeds are «best effort». Prices and offers subject to change.