Duncan Macdonald

Chief Information Officer

Who is Duncan Macdonald?

I am... a little bit eccentric, but always focused on doing the right thing (in my own way).
I can’t… just be comfortable. I always want to learn new things.
I have… to be creative on a regular basis.
I won’t... be unreasonable or closed to new ideas.
I like... the journey but with the destination always in mind.
I live… in a secluded valley in a national park surrounded by nature.

  • Since May 2020, Duncan has been CIO for Liberty Global’s shared platforms.

  • Duncan has served as CIO of UPC Switzerland since October 2018.

  • From 2016, he held the role of VP of Consumer IT & Digital Transformation across the 11 European operating countries in the Liberty Group.

  • Before that, Duncan led IT, Delivery and TV operations for Virgin Media as Executive Director from 2013.

  • Before joining Virgin Media in 2007, he held senior positions in mgmt. consultancies.