Activation fee

The activation fee is charged for initial activation of new devices or services. It includes administration and delivery. 

  • Free of charge for online orders: If you place your order online for a product with Internet, you will save the activation fee.

CHF 99.-

Downgrade fee

When the minimum contract period has ended, it is possible to switch to a lower priced subscription. An administration fee of CHF 59 applies for this. If activation of new devices or services is necessary, then the fee will instead be CHF 99. 

CHF 59.-

SIM card activation

Depending on the Mobile subscription, a fee may apply for the initial activation of a new SIM card. 

CHF 49.-

Identity check (new SIM card)

For the first order of a SIM card, the identity of the future owner must be verified before delivery. If the postal service carries out this verification, a fee is incurred.

CHF 40.-

Replace SIM card

If the SIM card needs to be replaced (if it has been lost, for example).

CHF 39.-

Service transfer

The transfer of individual UPC products or an entire UPC account is subject to a fee for the new owner. Exception: When transferring an account, the fee is waived if you do it in My UPC.

CHF 40.-

Reporting a move

Fee for processing a move. This fee is not charged if you report your move yourself in My UPC or if you only use Mobile products from UPC. You will find further information on our moving page.

CHF 35.-



Paper bill

Fee for issuing and sending paper bills. If you would rather receive your bill at no charge by e-mail, as an eBill or via My UPC, change the delivery option in My UPC. For bills for 3-in-1 cable connections, please use our online form.

CHF 3.- 

per bill

Payment at post office counter

When using an orange pay-in slip

CHF 3.50 per payment

CHF 3.50

per pay-


Payment without QR code reference

CHF 7.50 for a payment without a QR code reference, e.g. an online banking payment with only the IBAN number.

CHF 7.50

CHF 7.50


Reminder fees

When the payment deadline has passed, reminder fees will be charged: up to CHF 27 for a cable connection bill and CHF 25 for all other products.

CHF 25.-

Collection charges

If UPC engages a third party with the collection of outstanding invoice amounts, processing fees must be paid directly to the third party involved. Further, individual expenses and outlay which are necessary for the collection must be repaid. The fees depend on the amount owed and will be billed directly by the collection service provider.

Amount of claim in CHF:  Maximum processing fee in CHF:
1.- up to 20.- 50.-
21.- up to 50.- 70.-
51.- up to 100.- 100.-
101.- up to 150.- 120.-
151 up to 250.- 149.-
251 up to 500.- 195.-
501 up to 1‘500.- 308.-
1‘501 up to 3‘000.- 448.-
3‘001 up to 10‘000.- 1‘100.-
10‘001 up to 20‘000.- 1‘510.-
20‘001 up to 50‘000.- 2‘658.-
> 50‘000.- 5.5% of the claim

Default interest

When the payment deadline has passed, in addition to the reminder fee, you can be charged default interest on the outstanding amount (in addition to the reminder fee).

5% of the amount owed

Connection activation

If payment is still not made, your UPC connection will be blocked. There is a charge for reactivation of the connection. Further information about connection activation 

CHF 65.-

Connection activation (express fee)

For reactivation of the blocked connection within 24 hours, express fees are charged (in addition to the CHF 65 for connection activation). Further information about connection activation

CHF 25.-



Cancellation before end of minimum contract period

When a contract is terminated early, the total remaining monthly recurring basic fees until the end of the minimum contract period will be billed, together with a processing fee of CHF 100.-. In the event of special offers with free gifts, compensation for these can also be billed.

dependent on the remaining contract period
+ CHF 100.-


dent on the remain-

ing contract period

+ CHF 100.-

Cancellation without observing the notice period

After the end of the minimum contract period, or with contracts without a minimum contract period, it is possible to terminate a contract without observing the regular notice period by paying the remaining monthly basic fees until the regular notice date, plus CHF 100.-

dependent on the remaining contract period
+ CHF 100.-


dent on the remain-

ing contract period

+ CHF 100.-

Returning devices

Loaned receivers (modem, router, TV Box etc.) must be returned promptly and undamaged, if this is stipulated in the confirmation of cancellation. If they are not returned as stipulated, UPC will charge a fee of CHF 49 plus the following fee depending on the device:

UPC TV Box: CHF 116.-
Giga Connect Box: CHF 143.-
Connect Box: CHF 60.-

CHF 49.- plus fee for the respective device

CHF 49.- plus 

fee for the respec-

tive device

Instalments due for mobile devices

When a Mobile subscription is cancelled for which a device payment plan was also concluded (contract for payment by instalment for a mobile device), all outstanding instalments are due immediately.

dependent on contract


Information service in the event of abusive calls

Fees for connection details and identification of perpetrators of abusive calls or unfair mass advertising.

CHF 50.- per disclosure

Copy of bill

Bill copies can be delivered by mail or by e-mail. The current bill as well as the last 12 monthly bills can be accessed at no charge in My UPC.

CHF 5.-
per request

Returned letter

Handling fee for a postal item which cannot be delivered (such as a bill).

CHF 10.-

Pause subscription

UPC subscriptions can be temporarily paused (suspended). There is a fee for this. Detailed information can be found on our support pages under the topic “pause subscription”.

CHF 10.-

All amounts are inclusive of VAT.


Service information and network issues 

Here you can find information about disruptions on the UPC network.



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