If you transfer individual products to another UPC account or take over someone else’s products, this means a change of ownership takes place. The products remain registered at the same address.

You can transfer all products that are not part of a bundle. A bundle comprises of several bundled products, such as TV, Internet and a fixed network, and can only be transferred as a whole.

If required, you can also transfer your UPC e-mail address(es) that you have created for your account along with your products or separately.


There are various situations where product transfer can be practical and beneficial:

Moving within Switzerland

Do you want to keep your UPC Mobile subscription but know someone who would like to take over your UPC Internet connection? In this case, you can simply transfer your UPC Internet subscription to a flatmate, someone in the family or your next tenant.

Cost sharing

Do you live in a shared flat and would like to share the costs for your UPC services? For example, you would like to transfer or take over just the UPC Internet and another flatmate is the owner of your UPC TV services.


Moving abroad?

In this case, you can easily transfer your UPC account and all products to another person in My UPC – the same day, within minutes. So you don't have to wait for the end of the cancellation period, you only pay for the use of your UPC products until the day your account is transferred.

You can also find more information on our UPC account transfer support page.




If you want to transfer individual UPC products to another person, two things are required:


Application for product transfer

Send the completed and signed form to UPC. Please note that this must also be signed by the new owner. Detailed information can also be found on the information sheet for the form.


Payment of all outstanding bills

Before you apply for a product transfer, please make sure that you have settled all outstanding bills. If you have a device cost plan for your smartphone, all remaining instalments must also be paid in advance.


Would you like to take over a UPC account from someone else? In this case, the previous owner must request to transfer the products by sending us a form. You must also sign this form. We also need a certified copy of your ID. Detailed information can also be found on the information sheet for the form.

Please note:
An activation fee of CHF 40 will be billed to the new owner.

If the new product owner is already a UPC customer, the products will be transferred to their existing customer account. If not, UPC will open a new customer account for the future product owner and transfer the products there.


As soon as UPC has received the product transfer form, we will process your request. We will then send you and the new product owner a confirmation by e-mail or by post.


Can I also transfer my UPC e-mail address to someone else?

Yes, that is possible. You will find further information on this on our support page.

Can I cancel my submitted product transfer request?

Yes. Please contact UPC to cancel your order.

How do I know that the product transfer will take place as requested by me?

Once we receive your product transfer request, we will review it. Once your request has been processed, we will send you a confirmation by post or e-mail and let you know whether the transfer is possible on your desired date.

Do I have to reset my TV Box to the factory settings?

We recommend that you reset your TV box to the factory settings if you do not want the new owner to be able to access your personal data, such as recordings, favourites, recording reminders and playlists. You should not hand over your equipment to the new owner until you have received confirmation of the product transfer from UPC.


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