Pause Internet, Landline, TV or Mobile
and then continue to use them like before


Are you taking a time-out? Your UPC subscription can do this too!

Whether you spend a couple of months abroad or somewhere else in Switzerland:
If you do not need your package subscription (Internet, TV, landline) or your mobile subscription for a certain time, you can pause your UPC products via My UPC. This means that you can interrupt the use and payment (suspension), but – unlike when you cancel – you can simply continue to watch TV, surf the Internet and make phone calls as usual after you return.


You can pause your entire package subscription (Internet, TV, fixed network) and/or your mobile subscription via My UPC. During the time-out, you will not use or pay for the relevant UPC products. Your My UPC account and your UPC e-mail account will continue to work as usual.


A subscription time-out is possible for 2 to 5 months a year. You can enter these in My UPC 60 days in advance at the earliest and 1 day before the start at the latest.




Maria lives in Chur and uses a Happy Home subscription from UPC.

Next month she is going to France for a two-month language study trip. She cannot use her UPC Internet, fixed network and TV from there. She does not want to cancel her subscription, as she would then have to look for a new subscription when she returns. Therefore, she decides to take a subscription time-out.



Chris and Daniela live in St. Gallen and use Internet from UPC. Both also have a UPC Mobile subscription.

Their flat will be renovated soon. Therefore, they are moving to Germany to stay with friends for 3 months. They want to pause their Internet. However, they would also like to use their mobile subscriptions abroad (they are informed about UPC roaming).



Reto lives in Zurich and uses UPC TV and Internet there, as well as a UPC Mobile subscription.

In spring and autumn, he and his wife live in their holiday home in Ticino. Reto only uses his UPC Mobile there. So he pauses TV and Internet from UPC in spring for 3 months and in autumn for 2 months.


In My UPC, specify which UPC products or subscriptions you want to pause and for how long. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. The time-out of your UPC products starts and ends automatically. You don’t need to do anything more.

You can check your details at any time in My UPC and also change them later or cancel the subscription time-out.

Before you start, please make sure that

  • all overdue bills have been settled.
  • all remaining instalments have been settled if you have a handset plan for your smartphone.
  • your products and services are not blocked.

During the subscription time-out, the minimum contract period is also interrupted. As a result, a 3-month subscription time-out, for example, will cause the minimum contract period to be extended by 3 months.



Quick and easy – directly in My UPC.

Quick and easy –
directly in My UPC.


Which products can I not pause or when is a time-out not possible?

The following products cannot be paused:

Furthermore, it is not possible to pause UPC subscriptions when:

  • overdue bills are outstanding.
  • Installment payments are outstanding for your smartphone's handset plan.
  • your UPC products or services are blocked.
  • you have ordered a service transfer or move notification which is already being processed by UPC.
  • you have already cancelled your UPC products.

How often and for how long can I pause my UPC products?

You can pause your UPC products a maximum of twice per calendar year. The duration must be for at least 2 months per time-out and can last a maximum of 5 months in total per year.

You would like to travel for 2 months in spring and 2 months in autumn. This means that you can pause your UPC products for April/May and September/October, for example. To do this, enter the desired product time-out in My UPC 60 days at the earliest or 1 day before departure at the latest.

If, on the other hand, you travel for 3 months each in spring and autumn, the annual maximum of 5 months is exceeded. Accordingly, you cannot pause your products for the full 6 months, but only for 5 months.

Can I change or cancel my request?

Yes. You can change your details or cancel the time-out at any time in My UPC. Please note, however, that the framework duration of 2 to 5 months per calendar year still applies. Shortening a pause from 2 months to one or extending it from 5 to 6 months is therefore not possible.

What does it cost to pause my UPC subscription?

There is a charge of CHF 10 per time-out, no matter how many UPC products. The subscription time-out will be listed on your UPC bill as a "subsequent charge" under "Other costs and discounts".

Will I continue to receive bills from UPC?

Paused products will not be billed. If you do not pause all of your products, you will receive a bill as usual for the products you continue to use.

Please note:
The fee of CHF 10 for the subscription time-out (suspension) will be listed on your UPC bill as "subsequent charge" under "Other costs and discounts". Depending on when you enter the subscription time-out in My UPC (at short notice or further in advance), the fee will be on your next bill or after the subscription time-out at the latest.

Notes about receiving and paying your bill
If you receive your bills in paper form, they will also be sent to your usual address during the subscription time-out. However, you can also check your bills at any time in My UPC. If you wish, you can also change the way you receive your bills from paper to "by e-mail" in My UPC.

If necessary, you can also change the payment method for your UPC bills. If, for example, you used to pay your bills at the post office counter, you can switch to eBill, direct debit or online bank transfer. You will find further information on our payment methods support page.

Will the duration of my discounts be extended?

No. The end date of discounts is not extended by pausing UPC subscriptions or products, but will remain unchanged.

You took out a UPC package subscription in January and benefit from a reduced price for the first 12 months, i.e. until the end of December. In summer you are going abroad for 3 months and will pause your UPC package offer for this time. Regardless of this, the discount will continue to be valid until the end of December and will not be extended by the 3 months it has been paused for.


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