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    You should register your move with us at least one month ahead of time so that we can ensure switching over takes place on the desired date.

    Free of charge

    If you register your move online, there is no charge. It costs CHF 35 if you register it by phone.


    Transfer your subscription to another person when you move house.



    For a move abroad, our policy grants the right of extraordinary termination.

    Step by step instructions for your move

    Step 1

    Log in to My UPC.

    Enter your new address, check the availability, and then let us know the date for your move.

    Step 2

    If necessary: In the next few days a UPC employee or technician will contact you.

    Step 3

    Move house and enjoy your UPC products.*

    *Is your 3-in-1 cable connection registered in your name? Then please read the information below for a 3-in-1 cable connection.

    More information about your move

    Are you moving abroad?

    Then you have a right of extraordinary termination with one month’s notice and can terminate your contract with us as of the moving date. The contract will be cancelled at the end of the following month if the notice of termination does not reach us 4 weeks before the moving date.  The only thing we require from you for this is the confirmation of departure from your current municipality of residence.

    Please send this to the following address and you will then receive a confirmation of cancellation from us:

    UPC Switzerland LLC
    P.O. Box
    8021 Zurich

    We wish you a successful start in your new country and hope that we will be able to count you among our customers again if you ever return to Switzerland! If you have not yet returned your modem or rented Mediabox at the end of the cancellation period, please return it to the following address:

    UPC Switzerland LLC
    XPO Logistics Switzerland
    Lagerhausstrasse 12
    4914 Roggwil

    Can I transfer my subscription to another person?

    Yes, your subscription can be transferred to another person on the same terms at any time.

    You can find more information about the transfer process here.  


    Do you want to move house with your 3-in1 cable connection?

    To whom is your 3-in-1 cable connection registered?

    Registered to you if...

    • receive this type of invoice from us for your cable connection
    • ...“cable television” is not included in your rent or additional charges

    Is this the case?

    Then please register your move using our contact form. Should you have other accessories or subscriptions from us, please register your move for these directly in My UPC.

    Registered to your landlord if...

    • do not receive a separate invoice from us for your cable connection
    • ...“cable television” is included in your rent or additional charges

    Is this the case?

    Then you do not need to register your move. We nevertheless ask you to register your move for additional products such as a TV box, DigiCard or an Internet subscription in My UPC.


    Can I keep my fixed network number when I move house?

    When you move house, you can retain your current telephone number or switch to a new telephone number. This also applies if you move to an area with a different area code (e.g. from 031 to 041).


    If you wish to keep your telephone number, you don’t need to do anything else. 


    If you want to change your number, please send us a written notification of your wish to the following address:


    UPC Schweiz GmbH
    8021 Zürich

    Registering a move when your address remains unchanged?

    When changing apartment at the same address, you do not need to register the move. You can connect your devices in your new apartment and use them immediately.


    Service status

    Here you can find information about disruptions on the UPC network.


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