Helia Burgunder

Chief Customer Officer

Who is Helia Burgunder?

I am... unique, and so are you.
I have… the most wonderful children, it’s a privilege and a blessing to be part of their lives.
I can’t… stay still, I need to have challenges on a regular basis.
I need... motivated people around me who have a sense of reality and are not afraid to be bold.
I want… to leave a footprint behind, together with my teams, which makes a positive difference.
I always…play to win. Playing “not to lose” is not worth the effort.
I like... finding out about people (not necessarily new people) and learning new things every day.
I live… passionately and am thankful for every day of my life.

• Helia Burgunder joined UPC Schweiz as CCO (Chief Customer Office) in April 2019.

• From 2015, she served as EVP of Sales & Retail Channels Switzerland at Swisscom AG, and prior to that she held the role of EVP of Customer Service & Online for the SME Market since 2011.

• Between 2004 and 2011, she joined the subsidiary Swisscom Hospitality Services AG as Director of Customer Care Europe and Managing Director Portugal.

• Helia began her career with Swisscom in 1995, where she held various senior executive roles and leadership positions, including Platform Manager and Business Strategy Manager, until 2004.

• Helia Burgunder holds an eMBA from Fribourg University (Switzerland), as well as a master’s Degree in Electronical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Lisbon (Portugal