Nadine Zollinger

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Who is Nadine Zollinger?

I am…a native of Basel.
I also…live in Basel.
I cannot…live without music during my free time.
I lived… in Australia with my family for a time. 
I need... fresh challenges on a regular basis.
I hope... to live by the sea someday.

As General Counsel & Chief People Officer, Nadine Zollinger has also been responsibility for Human Resources since 1 April 2019, in addition to her previous duties. 

  • Since 2013 Nadine Zollinger has been head of the legal department at UPC Switzerland. In this role she is responsible for legal and regulatory affairs and compliance. Since April 2014 she has been Vice President of Legal & Regulatory. 
  • Prior to this, already from 2006 to 2011, she was an attorney responsible for what was then still Cablecom. 
  • In the intervening time she was active with a law firm in Sydney. 
  • Before her time with UPC she also worked at a media law firm in Bern. 
  • Nadia Zollinger studied law in Basel and passed her bar exam there. 
  • She received her Master of Law with a specialisation in “Media & Technology Law” at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.