Nadine Zollinger

General Counsel

Who is Nadine Zollinger?

I am…a native of Basel.
I also…live in Basel.
I cannot…live without music during my free time.
I lived… in Australia with my family for a time. 
I need... fresh challenges on a regular basis.
I hope... to live by the sea someday.

  • Since 1 May 2020, Nadine has served as General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer. 

  • In July 2018, Nadine was appointed to General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer.

  • Since 2013 Nadine has been head of the Legal department at UPC Switzerland. In this role she is responsible for legal and regulatory affairs and compliance.

  • In April 2014 she was made Vice President of Legal & Regulatory.

  • Prior to this, (2006-2011), she was an attorney for what was then still Cablecom.