Access free maps and plans for your project or development

We know preparation is crucial when you are planning a development or excavation. That’s why we’ve compiled an online information service, where you can access free plans and maps for your projects.


How to register

Firstly, let’s identify how you will be using the service. We’ve broken this into two types: occasional, and permanent users.

Occasional users

Suitable for: Developers, Landowners, Landscape gardeners, Architects
Occasional users enter their contact information every time they wish to access plans. They then automatically receive password-free online access to the service, and can obtain a limited number of plans.

Permanent users

Suitable for: Architects, Engineers, Developers
Permanent users apply for password-protected, unlimited online access to the service. After the registration has been checked and approved by us, your permanent user account will be activated.


Frequently asked questions

Activating (pin seal removal) your 3-in-1 cable connection

A sealed connection basically just needs activating.

We will remove the seal (pin seal removal) free of charge.

Here's how to request activation: 

Are you a tenant and are you billed for the costs of the 3-in-1 cable connection through the additional property expenses for your apartment? Please contact your landlord. Your landlord will send us a request for activation. 

Are you a tenant and do you receive your bills for the 3-in-1 cable connection directly from UPC? Submit a request for activation quickly and easily using our online form

Are you a landlord or property management company? Please send us a request to activate your connection in writing:

Sunrise UPC LLC
8021 Zurich

You will be billed for the cost of the 3-in-1 cable connection from the day on which it was activated. Check your rental agreement or ask your landlord if you are unsure how the costs for the 3-in-1 cable connection will be billed.

Cable connection: television but no Internet or telephony

Most people living in the UPC catchment area can watch cable television and use our digital products (digital television, Internet and telephony).

Due to outdated in-house distribution systems however, some properties have cable television but are unable to use our digital services. In most cases, a simple and inexpensive upgrade is all that is required. Please contact customer service.