Sunrise UPC automatically blocks unfair calls on the mobile and fixed networks. This call filter works for all customers and is free of charge. First, numbers are blocked that have been reported to us by authorities such as the federal government’s National Cyber Security Centre NCSC, e.g. known SPAM numbers, call centers that disregard the starred entries in the telephone book, etc. Secondly, numbers that have been reported to us by other telecommunications providers or by our customers are also checked and likewise blocked if appropriate. The filter can also take effect if a large number of calls to numbers on the fixed and/or mobile network have been made from a single number within a very short period of time.

This solution that we have developed has proven effective in the past and has increased customer satisfaction. Now customers benefit from the fact that thanks to the merger, the company can analyze more calls and recognize those with unfair conduct. We will continue to expand the existing solution over the course of the year, using more in-depth analyses of call patterns to enable the filter to identify even more calls.

  • Have you received abusive calls or messages or unfair advertising, and you want to know who is behind them? Here you can find our form for requesting information.
  • Do you wish to report numbers from which you have repeatedly received unfair advertising? Please send specifics in as much detail as possible to We will be happy to look into it, and if appropriate, we will include the numbers in our blacklist.
  • Do you have the impression that calls you make are not going through because your number may have been mistakenly included in the blacklist? Please contact with your concern.