Sunrise UPC automatically blocks the majority of unlawful calls on its mobile and landline networks. For one thing, numbers reported to us by authorities (e.g., the National Cybersecurity Center NCSC) are blocked. Numbers reported to us by other telecommunications providers and by customers are also reviewed and blocked if appropriate. Numbers can also be automatically blocked if a large quantity of calls go out from a single number to numbers on a landline and/or mobile network within a very short period of time.

Besides this, Sunrise UPC offers customers the option to activate a free additional call filter, which further reduces the number of unlawful advertising calls. Once a customer has successfully activated the additional filter, it will automatically block numbers according to a continuously updated list, which is maintained based on various criteria. Criteria include: Disregard of a starred entry in the public telephone book, calls at unwelcome times, aggressive advertising calls combined with dubious sales practices, callers who do not observe transparency requirements (such as providing their phone number) etc. 

The filter does not block calls from companies that have made a commitment to comply with the Code of Honor of the Swiss Call Center Association (Callnet) or calls from authorities, such as the Federal Statistical Office. 

In connection with the battle against unlawful advertising calls, it should be mentioned that there is no guarantee that all unlawful advertising calls will be filtered. For example, with spoofing, the numbers used by fraudsters are constantly changing, making it difficult to pick up on these calls. In exceptional cases, it is also possible for legitimate calls to be blocked by the filter.  

  • To activate the additional call filter for reducing unlawful advertising calls, the relevant settings can be changed in the My UPC customer account. The filter can also be deactivated from there at any time.
  • Do you want to find out whether a particular case is a matter of unlawful advertising or nuisance calls/messages and who is behind them? The relevant information request form can be found here: form for requesting information.
  • Do you wish to report numbers from which you have repeatedly received unlawful advertising? Please send your information in as much detail as possible to We will be glad to check this information and include the numbers in our blacklist if appropriate.
  • Do you believe that calls you make are not being put trough because your number may have been mistakenly included in the blacklist? Please contact to clarify this.