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    All games from the Ice Hockey National League live and exclusive, 572 matches from the Bundesliga and much more.




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    ** Happy Home 100 (12/24 x CHF 59), Happy Home 600 (12/24 x CHF 59) Happy Home Giga (12/24 x CHF 69)
    Promotional price (Happy Home 100 for CHF 59 / Happy Home 300 with 600 Mbit/s for CHF 59 / Happy Home Giga for CHF 69/month) is valid for the first 12/24 months and only for new customers, then the following price applies with a minimum contract period of 12 months: Happy Home 100, CHF 89 / Happy Home 300 with 600 Mbit/s, CHF 109 / Happy Home Giga, CHF 129/month. Price with a minimum contract period of 24 months: Happy Home 100, CHF 79 / Happy Home 300 with 600 Mbit/s, CHF 99 / Happy Home Giga, CHF 119/month. Activation fee: CHF 0.-. The Happy Home subscription price includes a channel-specific fee of CHF 5 for MySports One. Valid until 02.09.2020. Availability may be limited in some partner networks. The stated speeds are maximum values.


    *MySports Pro: Day Ticket for CHF 9 or monthly subscription for CHF 25. A digital TV subscription from UPC which is subject to a fee with a recurring monthly payment, e.g. Happy Home 100 for CHF 99/month (minimum contract period 12 months, activation fee: CHF 99). MySports Pro monthly subscription can be cancelled at the end of any month with 3 months’ notice. Day Ticket: The price of CHF 9 includes the use of all MySports Pro content for 24 hours. Subject to price and programme changes. Correct as of January 2019.