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With Mobile ID you can log in simply and securely on various online portals and in e-banking. The service works on the most common smartphones and requires no additional apps or programs. The only thing you need for this service is a Smart SIM card.

  • Simple: You specify a Mobile ID PIN which is only stored on your SIM card. So you no longer need a different PIN code for each online platform.
  • Always at hand: With Mobile ID you need only your smartphone and no other auxiliary devices. 
  • Secure: Mobile ID unites physical and digital protection. It is one of the most secure two-factor authentications worldwide.
  • Free of charge: Best of all – this service is free for you.
  • International:  Mobile ID is also available abroad, everywhere that SMS roaming is supported.

Activating Mobile ID 

To be able to use Mobile ID, you need a compatible SIM card. Check the status of your current SIM before your order a new one via My UPC. Set up your Mobile ID in just 3 steps:

Open the page and click on "Activate now"

Enter your mobile number and activate your Mobile ID

Verify your SIM card in the last step. Now you can use your Mobile ID!

Need a new SIM card for Mobile ID?

Mobile ID needs a compatible SIM card from UPC

Log in to My UPC

Select Products > Mobile > “Block or order SIM card”

When you have received the SIM card, you can

activate it on

Questions about Mobile ID

What is Mobile ID?

With Mobile ID you can register simply and securely on e-Banking portals (eg. PostFinance) as well and other private or public web portals. With Mobile ID you do not need any additional devices or apps , just a mobile phone with a SIM card which is compatible with Mobile ID.

What are the requirements for the Mobile ID?

Mobile ID is supported by all modern mobile phones. However, they require a SIM card from the newest generation which supports Mobile ID. Here you can see whether your SIM card Mobile ID is ready. To do this simply click on “test Mobile ID”.

How do I get and activate my Mobile ID SIM card?

A Mobile ID-compatible SIM card can be ordered via your My UPC account. To activate your Mobile ID SIM card please visit the website and follow the instructions.

I have a new mobile phone. Do I have to register for Mobile ID again?

No, Mobile ID is integrated into the SIM card, not into the mobile phone. Mobile ID is automatically activated on the new mobile phone as soon as the SIM has been inserted.

I have forgotten my Mobile ID PIN or have had it blocked

Simply get a new PIN at