Voice search and voice control
for your UPC TV Box

TV that gets you

Voice search and voice control can save you many clicks and you can navigate very quickly. Hold the button VOICE pressed and speak to your UPC TV Box.


Voice search

Search content

With the voice search you can easily look for various contents:

-  movies & series

-  actors

-  genres

-  relevant themes

-  channels

-  apps

You can also ascribe particular voice commands to the separate channels, for example:

-  find the documentation on Discovery

-  football on SRF1

-  The Walking Dead on ITV

Surf and change channels

Hop to your favourite channels! Via the voice search get directly to your favorite channels: SRF1, Rai1, Pro7, RTL, Nick Jr., MTV and many more.

voice control

Call up menus

Call up menus and applications quicker:


-  Recordings

-  Watch list

-  Radio

-  Settings

-  Apps such as Netflix, Youtube etc.

Control your UPC TV Box

with voice commands

-  Super-fast rewinding and fast-forwarding: say "5 minutes forwards and backwards" while watching a Replay or OnDemand programme or recording

-  Replay: "start over" & "start again" will start the current programme, recording or OnDemand content again

-  Navigate in the TV guide: "Saturday, 8 pm, Monday evening, last Wednesday"

-  Save programmes for later: "add to watch list", "record"

-  Activate subtitles with the voice command "subtitles on / off"