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All about installation and further tips and tricks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Replay TV?

To activate Replay TV, select the OPT-IN option under "Settings" → "System" → "Replay". From that moment on the programmes from the next seven days will be recorded. Nevertheless you will automatically be asked to confirm OPT-IN, if you start a currently running broadcast from the beginning.

As soon as you deactivate OPT-IN option with OPT-OUT, recording of the currently running programmes will stop.

Is my UPC TV Box always listening to me?

No, the UPC TV Box only listens to you when you ask it to – by pressing the VOICE button.

How do I activate HDMI-CEC on my UPC TV Box?

Provided that your TV set supports the HDMI-CEC function, your TV will switch on automatically as soon as you have switched on your UPC TV Box via the red ON-button (see Remote control).
If you do not want to use the HDMI-CEC function, you can deactivate this on your TV set. You will find information about this in the user manual for your TV set or on the TV manufacturer’s website.

How many hours can I record in the cloud?

2000 hours – regardless of whether in SD or HD quality.


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