Multiroom: Add-on TV Box solution

With the Add-on TV Box solution from UPC you can order up to five UPC TV Boxes and enjoy the same content, such as TV channels, recordings and rented films, on all boxes at the same time. 

Each UPC TV Box in your home needs a connection to the cable socket and an active connection to the Internet via your UPC modem. You have the following options for connecting your UPC TV Boxes to your UPC modem:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Wifi

To find the best possible connection, proceed as follows: 

  1. Download the Connect App to your smartphone.
  2.  Scan your living area with the UPC Connect App and follow the instructions on the App. The UPC Connect App will suggest the best possible mode of connection based on signal strength and distance.

Haven’t got a UPC add-on TV Box yet? Call us on 0800 46 46 46  to order an additional UPC TV Box.

Alternatively you can also watch television via the UPC TV App. More information at:

  • The additional UPC TV Boxes can only be used in the same household.
  • Every UPC TV Box requires a connection to a UPC modem.
  • Costs: CHF 10/mth per UPC add-on TV Box.