What does the UPC TV App have to offer and how does it work? You will find the answers to this here.

What the UPC TV App has to offer you

Welche Funktionen hat die UPC TV App? 

UPC TV provides you with the same offerings on both the UPC TV Box and the UPC TV app: From the user interface, to TV channels, series and movies, and on to your personalised content – it’s all there for you in the app as well as on your TV Box.


The UPC TV app can interface with your UPC TV Box even without being connected to the same network. Yes, that’s right – with the aid of the app, you can control your TV Box even when you’re not at home!


With the UPC TV app you can decide what you’d like to watch on your UPC TV Box, pause titles, fast forward, and with either the app or on your TV Box continue watching right where you left off.

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  • Recordings, watchlist, continue watching and rented content are synchronised between your UPC TV app and UPC TV Box.


  • Your recordings are always available in the app and on the TV Box, regardless from which device you initiated the recording.


  • You can find your recordings in the section «Recorded», both in the app and in the web version of UPC TV.


  • You can control your recordings from every device and synchronise your watchlist and continue watching your series and films right where you left off, no matter where you are.


  • To change your planned recordings or content already recorded, click on the «Edit» function.


  • On your watchlist you can save any TV programmes (Replay, live or future titles), movies or series you want.


  • You can also access your watchlist on the web version of UPC TV under «Saved».


  • When your desired title is added to the watchlist, it gets marked with «Watchlist». To remove a title from your watchlist again, just click on the symbol «Watchlist».  



Continue watching

  • «Continue watching» is a handy feature for continuing to watch your Replay content on another device of your choice. After three minutes of run time, titles in the «Movies & Series» section are added to your «Continue watching» list.  


  • Replay programmes recordings start 5 minutes before the scheduled time and 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the programme, to ensure the completeness of the Replay programme also when the channels schedule changes last minute. So, Replay programmes are added to the “Continue watching” list already after one minute of playback. 


  • The «Continue watching» list can be found under «Saved» in the UPC TV app or in web version of UPC TV, that can be found at



Connecting the UPC TV app with the UPC TV Box

  • You can connect your UPC TV app with your Box by clicking on the icon in the upper right, next to the search icon. 


  • Before you want to watch a title on your TV, you need to connect the desired UPC TV Box with your app. If you have several Boxes, all of them will be listed for you to select from.


  • You can change the names of the boxes with your UPC TV app or in the web version under Settings / UPC TV Boxes. You can give each box a suitable name such as «UPCTVlivingroom» (spaces and special characters are currently not possible).

Connect the UPC TV App to your box in standby mode

  • You can connect to your UPC TV Box as long as it is in standby mode or turned on.


  • If your Box is on standby, you can also switch it on with the UPC TV app.


  • If the Box is completely switched off (with the off switch), you cannot connect and the option will be greyed out in your app.

Continue enjoying your series on your TV

You can continue watching on your UPC TV Box all programmes or OnDemand videos which you have started watching in your UPC TV app or in the web version, by clicking the symbol «Continue watching on TV». This applies to:


  • Linear event programmes
  • Replay programmes
  • Movies & series
  • Recordings


  • When a title has been swiped to the TV, playback is stopped in the app or in the web version of UPC TV.


  • If you watch TV with your UPC TV Box, a control panel will be displayed on the right side of your app, which can be minimised on the lower right of the screen. 

Control your TV with the UPC TV app

  • If your UPC TV Box is connected to your app, you can control content such as Replay or movies and series with the app: pause, fast forward, rewind, start again, etc.


  • The control panel in your app also has other remote control functions:


- navigation buttons for up, down, left and right

- OK, back and menu button


UPC TV follows you everywhere

  • While you are connected to your UPC TV Box you can change channels or start movies using your app. Your UPC TV app always stays connected and always shows you which content is currently being viewed on your UPC TV Box.


  • The app also gives you the option of having the content currently shown on the Box played in the app. Simply select the option «Watch on this device» in the control panel. 


  • If you want to disconnect from the Box, you will be asked whether you would like to continue watching on your device with the app.


  • This will stop the playback on the TV – except in the case of current live TV.


  • Playback can be continued in the UPC TV app with «Watch on this device».

Renting movies & series: Sharing content

  • The latest movies & series in the OnDemand section can only be rented via the UPC TV Box.  


  • The mobile apps include the option «Rent on TV». This means that the app connects with the box and shows the content to be rented.  


  • After the content has been rented via the UPC TV Box, it also appears in the app in the list of «Rented» under «Saved» section.


  • Rented content may be watched on any device during the available time period. You can start watching on one device and continue your series or film on another device.