DO YOU HAVE A GIGA CONNECT BOX? Certain Connect App functions are not yet available for the Giga Connect Box.


Stay in control of your home network

Stay in control of your home network

Download Connect app now


Linking up your home

Powerful WiFi thanks to our Connect Box, easy to install with instructions in the Connect App and simple to optimize or expand your WiFi with additional boosters - just scan your apartment.


More than just wifi

Order your Connect Box now, and the rest is simple

Optimise wifi in every room

Download the app for free then scan your home to maximise coverage.

Share the fun

Boosters for super-smooth streaming. Share your wifi with guests without worries.

Hassle-free service

See our easy installation guide, troubleshooting tips & request a technician - all from the app.


Dedicated to keeping you connected

Fill your home with super-fast wifi that won't let you down. Your wifi system will take care of itself, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Our easy-to-use guides will have you surfing in a snap, and if anything goes wrong, our tech saviours are just a click away.  


Even more features

Join Wi-Free

View a map of internet hotspots from the Connect App and save on roaming costs when out and about.


Mobile Usage

Manage your usage and costs, and set spending limits for family members.


Questions about the Connect App

What do I need to do to use the UPC Connect App?

To be able to use the UPC Connect App, you require a My UPC account. To set this up, please proceed as follows: Register in My UPC and make a note of your login credentials. Install the UPC Connect App on your mobile (for iOS via the App Store and for Android via the Play Store). After installation, open the app on your mobile phone. Enter your My UPC user name and password and click on Login. Read and accept the terms & conditions.

How can I change my user name or password for the UPC Connect App?

Have you forgotten your My UPC user name or password? Click
on the following link and then select «Forgotten e-mail» or «Forgotten
password». To subsequently discover your user name, you require your customer number and your surname. To reset your password, you simply require the e-mail address which serves as your user name for the UPC Connect App. The changed password is valid for both the UPC Connect App and the online version of My UPC (

Who can use Wi-Free?

The UPC Connect App is available free of charge to all UPC customers with a My UPC account. Functionality is limited without an Internet or Mobile subscription. Since a My UPC account is required to log in to the app, the UPC Connect App can only be used by UPC customers. An active My UPC account is also required.


* 1 Internet 100 Mbit/s (Connect 100), Internet 600 Mbit/s (Connect 300 with 600 Mbit/s), Internet 1 Gbit/s (Connect Giga)
Price (Connect 100 for CHF 39.-/month, Connect 300 with 600 Mbit/s for CHF 39.-/month, Connect Giga for CHF 39.-/month) is valid for the first 12/24 months, then the following price applies with a minimum contract period of 12 months: Connect 100 CHF 59.-/month, Connect 300 with 600 Mbit/s CHF 79.-/month, Connect Giga CHF 99.-/month. Price with a minimum contract period of 24 months: Connect 100 CHF 49.-/month, Connect 300 with 600 Mbit/s CHF 69.-/month, Connect Giga CHF 89.-/month. No activation fee. Prices subject to change. Availability may be limited in some partner networks. The stated speeds are maximum values. Offer valid for new customers only.