TV to fall in love with


All the features you’ve been waiting for

Everything is new with the brand-new UPC TV Box! The menu is intuitive and guarantees an intelligent and simple TV experience. Even with voice control: You can change the channel, fast-forward or rewind the programmes or select a film. With your UPC TV Box, just say it to see it!


Your TV Box knows and helps you: It makes personal recommendations for you, and with “One search finds all” it finds what you’re looking for instantly. No matter where it’s hiding.


Main Menu

The main menu allows you quick access to the UPC TV Box functions. Check the programme listings in the TV Guide, use Replay to watch shows you missed, get films and series “OnDemand” or access apps and your personal content.

Main Menu | UPC TV Box | UPC

TV Guide  

With the TV Guide you can find all the channels and programmes at a glance – even ones you’ve missed. For more information, use the detail view. There you can find out more about the actors, for example – with lots of interactive clips.

TV Guide | UPC TV Box | UPC

Detail view

For more information on the film or series you just access the detail view. Like what you see? Then you can get started with the film right away, mark it to be recorded or store it on your watch list.

Detail View | UPC TV Box | UPC

Saved Section

With so much entertainment, a person could lose track of what really looked interesting. So with your watch list and the recording interface you have a quick way to find what you marked from OnDemand and the TV offerings.

Saved Section | UPC TV Box | UPC

Channel Bar

Our channel bar is like a compact programme booklet: Hop to a different channel or to Replay at any time if you find something more exciting. If the programme has not yet been broadcast, simply mark it to be recorded.

Channel Bar | UPC TV Box | UPC


Does your TV really understand you? With personal profiles for every family member, you can access your favourite content directly. Only with Happy Home.

Channel Bar | UPC TV Box | UPC

A personal TV experience

Voice control

The remote is equipped with voice control: You can search for coming and past programmes and control the UPC TV Box simply and easily with voice commands.


Want TV that’s up close and personal? Enjoy recommendations just for you. Based on what you’ve enjoyed before.


Find it fast in your recordings, Replay, live TV and OnDemand. With “One search for everything” you will always find what you want to see immediately. No matter where it’s hiding.


Every member of the family gets their own profile, with their own personal recommendations.

A new TV experience | UPC TV Box | UPC

TV entertainment everywhere

Consistent user experience

No readjusting, no limits: Your TV experience is the same everywhere, on the TV Box and with our app for smartphones and tablets. Including all the same channels on all devices.

Recordings in the cloud

You can not only play back your recordings on every device. You can also start them from every device – thanks to the cloud!

Switch screens on the fly

Don’t feel like watching on the little screen anymore? Just continue watching on the TV instead – or the other way round! This works with all recordings, missed programmes and OnDemand content.

Entertainment | UPC TV Box | UPC

All the features you’ve been waiting for

UPC TV is not just simple to use, you’ve also got all the important functions on board – for an entertainment programme that follows you everywhere.



What do you do if Titanic, Blade Runner and Harry Potter are all showing at the same time? You simply watch them all! Because the UPC TV Box offers you practically unlimited recordings.


Live Pause/Rewind

Penalty shoot-out and the doorbell rings? Mystery being solved and someone gabs at the wrong moment? Pause the programme you are currently watching or simply rewind.



When your schedule once again collides with the TV programme: With Replay, television programmes from the last 7 days are always available to watch later.

UPC TV Box – your access to endless entertainment

With UPC TV you have direct access to lots of exclusive add-on packages such as the most thrilling sport highlights, brand-new blockbusters, your favourite programmes or webclips.


With OnDemand you have a huge selection of brand-new films, series and documentaries. Many of these are already in the best HD quality.

OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC
OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC
OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC
OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC


Every Happy Home subscription already includes MySports One. And if you want to see even more sports, you can buy Day Tickets directly on your UPC TV Box.

OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC

Netflix and YouTube

Netlix and YouTube are seamlessly integrated in UPC TV. With the UPC remote you can access your favourite series right on your UPC TV Box and do not need a separate PC.

OnDemand | UPC TV Box | UPC

Technical Specifications

The UPC TV Box supports UHD and HDTV for selected channels.

  • nDVR functionality for cloud recordings
  • Wifi-compatible
  • Remote with infrared and radio control
  • Dimensions: approx. 22.5 x 15 x 3.5 cm



Show Specifications