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Limitless entertainment with UPC TV App

With the UPC TV App in your pocket, the fun never stops


Replay and Record

Watch shows up to 7 days after they're aired and schedule recordings from your phone.

Chromecast & Airplay

See it on the big screen. Stream shows from your phone to your TV in a snap with Chromecast and Airplay.

Watch on multiple devices

Entertainment is anywhere you are. Watch shows on your phone, tablet or laptop.

TV Guide on the go

See what's on wherever you are and create lists of your favourite shows.


Your favourite channels anywhere

Access 85+ channels wherever you are with UPC TV App



Watch TV when you want it

Never worry about missing your favourite shows again. With 185 channels, 7-day replay and more, you'll always be in the loop. Team TV with internet to get our most entertaining offer ever.


How do I get UPC TV App?

Download for free

The requirement for using UPC TV App is an active subscription from UPC (TV, Internet or Mobile). In addition, you require a My UPC account in order to register.

The following customers have access to the additional Replay feature in UPC TV App:

  • HAPPY HOME or Connect
  • Customers with a Horizon HD Recorder
  • DigiCard or Mediabox customers with a Classic or Comfort subscription

Apple iOS
iOS 8.0 or newer needed
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Android version 4.0 or newer needed

Windows 10 or newer needed.
Compatible with PC and tablets

What is the UPC TV App as opposed to the Horizon Go app?

The UPC TV App is a rebranded version of the Horizon Go app. Our customers identify more with the UPC TV brand and as a result the rebranded app will reach more customers, enabling them to enjoy endless entertainment anywhere and anytime.

The UPC TV App contains the same features and content for our customers as Horizon Go does, even though they are distinct apps.

To rebrand Horizon Go, a new app had to be created as the app stores do not support an app name change.

As a Horizon Go app user, why should I install the UPC TV App?

The UPC TV App provides the same experience and features as the Horizon Go app, but the Horizon Go app will be discontinued as soon as it is replaced by the UPC TV App.

Having one online TV app will allow us to put all our efforts into further improving the customer experience and continuously bringing new features to our users.

I cannot find Horizon Go in the app stores. Why?

As the Horizon Go app will be replaced by the UPC TV App, it is not available to our customers for new downloads. Existing Horizon Go app users can continue using the app for a short while still, but eventually it will be discontinued for use as well, not only from the app stores.

While users still have the Horizon Go app installed on their devices, the app will receive regular updates for bug fixes and new features.

I can no longer use the Horizon Go app. I am being directed to install the UPC TV App. Why?

The Horizon Go app will be discontinued as soon as it is replaced by the UPC TV App.

Following multiple notifications within the Horizon Go app asking you to install the new UPC TV App, you are now no longer able to use the Horizon Go app. Please switch to the UPC TV App now to continue enjoying your online TV experience from UPC.

New and exciting features are coming your way with the UPC TV App!


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